Heatherdale Journal 1, Jan. 10-12

The constant lingering smell of Christmas trees makes it nearly impossible to be consumed by any negative feelings when walking through the paths in Heatherdale. Snow clings to the branches, weighing them down so much that they threaten to touch the ground. The overwhelming beauty, combined with the sweet scent, creates a calming environment where thoughts can be thought and life can be contemplated freely. The Chistmas tree farm surrounding my grandparents’ home carries on for miles. Tree after tree, row after row, field after field, it almost feels as though the journey through them will never end. The lines "By walking I found out / Where I was going" apply perfectly when wandering through the Christmas Tree fields in Heatherdale as a sense of clarity is always discovered along the way.

The cool temperate of the brook threatens to numb my toes within moments of stepping into the water. Though some may find it odd to walk against the current as opposed to with it, or even taking the path beside the stream, I find it calming. The cool water perfectly counters the hot August sun that lingers in the sky, and most times I’m too lost in thought to remember to apply sunscreen. There are “boulders, tall grass, shrubs I can’t name,” but I am unbothered by this while engulfed in my own world and thoughts and questions.


Created with images by kikatani - "the path winter snow" • nightthree - "Among the giants" • Eric Tessmer, Honolulu Hawaii - "Manoa Stream near University of Hawaii ≡ Eric Tessmer, Molokai, Hawaii"

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