This week I started work on and finished my proposal as well as finishing and also presented my presentation of the proposal. The proposal went into detail on what I want to achieve on my final major project. This went into detail on what I wanted to create and how I planned to go about creating it. While doing my proposal I touched upon research and idea development. The majority of next week will be dedicated to research and idea's development. In my proposal I did have to give a brief overview on what I intend the game to be, I will be using this small quite simple plan as a corner stone for all of the research I undertake over the next two weeks.

The Presentation of my work I personally found didn't go too well, I feel that despite how I prepared with notes the day before it did little to nothing to help me actually do the presentation because of nerves. I feel that my nerves got the better of me and because of that I didn't go into the detail I felt I could have, the time spent actually presenting was also quite poor. the presentation itself was basically the proposal cut up into the main points from it to make it easier to sell to an audience.

This week I feel like I could have done much more to improve, the proposal I felt worked well but it's translation into presentation didn't really fit as well as I had hoped. Next week I will begin research into other games or other types of media and evaluate why I like something and how i'd like to see an aspect of it within my game.

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