Leimana Hassett Advanced Photo Portfolio

Learning Experience

This was a challenging course because of the different abstract project topics. I did enjoy learning the developing process of film because it helped me to pay extra attention to my camera functions and artistic style. I also enjoyed learning about the different artists and their styles. I was surprised by how long it took to come up with solid ideas for these projects and then successfully executing those ideas.

Project #1- Meaning Through Camera Functions

Through this first project, we were able to use old fashion film cameras to capture and develop photos. This would have to be my favorite project to develop because it is always a cool surprise to see how the film came out. This isn't my first time using film cameras, but it was my first time developing, and it was pretty difficult to get the steps right.

For this project I tried to capture parts of my week with lighting and shutter speed, the first image was taken during class, where we were learning the developing process of the film. in the top left hand corner you can see a double exposure of a film strip which was an accident done during the developing process, but I think that it sort of helps to show what the photo is about. And even though the figures are silhouetted, you can tell the foreground vs. the background.

This second photo was taken for the subject with a fast shutter speed. I wanted to freeze a moment where Blu (the dog) was still, because he is usually extremely hyper. You can kind of tell by the way his tail is blurred that he is moving. This was one of very few photos that came out when I finished developing my photographs. Many of the photographs I took were destroyed in the developing and chemistry process, while others were underexposed. This was a great way to learn how to pay better attention to camera functions and helped me to find a style of shooting and editing for each following project.

Skills Learned

Throughout this course I was able to first off, sharpen my basic camera skills, and then explore different types of photography. The new ways of capturing my surroundings came from the different artists that were lectured on through the course. I was also taught an in depth overview of different applications such as Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, and Lightroom. All of these generators create a fluid transition from raw photos to the final product. Other equipment such as lights, tripods, and gels were available and we were able to utilize them to create different affects to our photos without too much post production editing. I also was able to practice and advance my art principles while reviewing the art of my classmates as well as the artists discussed in class.

Project #2- Physical & digital interventions

The second project focuses on interventions with physical and digital spaces. Here we have to try to alter something in a physical space that we are shooting as well as a digital space to emphasize something about that space. I thought this was a cool idea, I really liked the artists that we studied during this section, because of all the really creative work they did.

This first photo was my physical intervention where I show books trailing this individual as they go through their education. This shows the strong thought that you are never truly done learning, and that what you have learned will follow you through life. I showed this by emphasizing the characteristics of the library and showing the endless amount of knowledge that is waiting to be sought out.
This next photo is a digital intervention showing the peace in having a moment to yourself, yet knowing that you are never truly alone. This was a very calm moment in my shoot where the individual was waiting for the next set to roll in, but in the meantime the ripples in the water showed just how secluded he is, but underneath the surface there are so many things going on that there really is no clam moment in the ocean and this can be said about life. I tried to emphasize the individualʻs loneliness by creating the illusion that he is the largest one in the water and that he is unaware of those behind him.
My final piece is also a digital intervention. I chose this piece because I was the warmest day it had been in a while and the sun had finally come out. I utilized the edges of the rock where the sun touches the earth and duplicated that to emphasize the warm feeling I was having that day. The spot this was taken in was so calm and peaceful, I could have stayed all day so I decided that I wanted to make it look like how I felt. I wanted to have the sun touch as much as possible for as long as possible.

Analysis of Contemporary Photography

From the artists of the 21st century, I can plainly see that amount of care and attention to detail that is shown. I admire the sacredness of an artist and their work, I think that, from the artists we have learned about, it is easy to see that signature of the artist in their work, because they maintain a certain creativity in their work while also innovating their work. Contemporary artists also utilize their surroundings in a way that is nonintrusive. I think that is a very big factor for me, because I think that art should work with your surroundings and not against them.

Project #3- optical Illusion

This project gave me the most difficulty, because I had a difficult time coming up with a plan that was also able to be executed. The idea of optical illusion is very intriguing and I think that I over thought my topic and ideas, but I did have fun with the digital manipulations in this project.

This photo starts out my picture story. This first one is shot to show the figures as large scale humans on their own sort of lost. I manipulate the background to show space and the illusion that these figures are floating.
Next I show the figures domesticating nature and putting themselves above it. I again shot the figures in a large scale and used light to dramatize the image.
Now we see that passing of nature as though it is a comet or shooting star. Because nature is being neglected or destroyed, the humans watch it fade away until it completely diapers. The human figures are now shown as smaller than in the first two images to show the profession of the rise and fall of nature. When nature dies, the human figures become smaller. Here I manipulated the light to show the dramatic change.
Finally here is the destruction of the figures because their let nature fade away. I show this by having the figures shown smaller and the further they stray from nature, the more they will lose themselves. I show the figures evaporating from their original form fading away like nature did before them. I also used light to show the color change from the beginning to the end and using nature to look like fire or destruction.

Final Project- Double Exposure

For my final piece, I chose to work with double exposures. I chose this because I wanted to show the passions of people through their portraits. I focused not heir eyes, because you are able to really see it in their eyes how passionate someone is when they are explaining to you what they love to do. I decided that in order to expose their passions I should use the same exposure through the camera. So this project exposes my subjects not only through the camera, but through their passion as well.

This photo represents the strive of this individual. He is a competitor and builds himself up with his own hard work done with his own hands. He is able to work hard and earn his own successes and failures in life. You can see his determination in his eyes. He is extremely intelligent and loves to compete to win.
He is all natural. This person could talk about music and the ocean for ever. There is are many things in common between music and the ocean, but on thing that he is passionate about is waves. Whether it is ocean waves or sound waves that are shown above. He is also very much in touch with his body, an sex-fireman/EMT who is now recovering from body trauma, shows his passion in the way he takes care of himself and others. I show the upper body skeleton to emphasize his growing to know his body and recovery.
He is strong minded and bold. He is able to articulate his thoughts better than anyone and makes a statement with complete intention. He is in control of his life and prepared for what is to come. I show him in his favorite location to emphasize his love of the outdoors. He is calm like the forest and his knowledge is vast like the amount of trees. He is shown in a large scale to show his personality.
She is shown a a bright individual on her way through life. She is a marine biologist who is fortunate enough to travel the many islands of the Pacific Ocean to do research. She is living out her dream that she worked hard for. She loves birds and can talk about them all day. She is incredibly motivated and nothing can stop her from getting to where she needs to be.
His happiness is simple, he loves his family and being with them. He loves to go on trips to nowhere in particular to experience anything he can. He has worked his whole life and became very successful, he has a beautiful family and he married his best friend. He has kind eyes and is always ready of rate next adventure. He loves to be out in the world with those he loves. It keeps him young and always learning something new about this world.

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