John One victim lives in tragedy, another victim stops to stare, and still another walks on by pretending not to see - Bob Seger

I am the proud father of two big-hearted children. Feeding their hearts is a process of constructing learning values into passionately fun activities. Needless to say, family time involves influencing others through random acts of kindness. Don't get me wrong, they are spoiled like many other children. However, I truly believe children who learn values at a young age are capable of handling anything life throws at them. These family values are also deeply rooted in my professional life.

1998 is when I started teaching in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. As a health and physical education teacher, I saw first-hand how instrumental relationships were in maintaining safe supportive learning climates. This correlation was magnified as I left elementary and entered the world called middle school. Here is where I really understood the importance, and embraced the concept, of teaching through relationships.

It was also in middle school where i developed a gang awareness and social responsibility program aimed at increasing school connectedness while providing youth with skills and alternatives to resist gang influence and involvement. I was asked to leave the classroom in order to direct this full-time across 15 targeted communities. My principal, with his blessing and support, granted the request. Currently I oversee the Character Development Department in Charlotte-Mecklenburg's 167 school district. My biggest challenge to date is navigating the politics of today's society. It is my goal to navigate these politics and have the students come out winners. Although brief in explanation, my journey mentioned in these pages have been long and wide. Looking forward to virtually meeting everyone in class.

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