Purium Health Products are the "LAUNCH PAD" into a healthier way of living. Get ready to experience increased energy, clarity, and confidence?

Lose Fat ~ Heal Digestion ~ Increase Energy ~ Lower Inflammation ~ Deep Sleep ~ Reduce Cravings ~ Increase Metabolism ~ Firm Skin ~ Alkalize

STEP 1: UNDERSTAND the 3 phases of the 40 - Day Transformation

  • Phase 1: Preparation
  • Phase 2: Cleanse
  • Phase 3: Maintenance


Text the word "TRANSFORMATION" to 55678 and receive daily encouragement throughout your 40 - Day Metabolic Reset.


Transformation is all about being PRESENT on the journey! Each day wake up and remember YOUR "WHY?"


40-Day Thrive Coaching Program

What's Included:

1-20 Minute Initial Conversation:

  • Define Your WHY!

3 - 60 Minute Conscious Conversations:

  • Dive into your PEMS System (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)
  • Clear blockages in self esteem, body image, and spiritual connection.


  • Create delicious meals that feed your senses.
  • Learn about medicinal plants
THE DETAILS: Bioavailable Protein + Concentrated Phytonutrients + Gut Healing = HEALTH





"When you ingest green foods you are eating captured sunlight...and this ENERGY is what sustains all life!" -JAH


  1. The Super Aminos 23 plus the Shakes will be providing plenty of plant based protein and concentrated Phytonutrients.
  2. Biome Medic will remove harmful toxins from the digestive tract, heals the microvilli of the gut, and reduce SYSTEMIC inflammation.
  3. Apothe-Cherry is 'BOTOX IN A BOTTLE' and mops up millions of free radicals in just one serving. It supports youthful skin, joint health, and deep sleep.
  4. SUPER CLEANSE - R destroys harmful parasites in the digestive tract that strip the body of essential vitamins and minerals. If you eat fish, this is essential.
"I used to yo-yo diet and hated my body. I lost 18lbs on the 40-day and have kept it off. I have never slept better or had more energy. I can't believe it! " -Joanne





Super Amino 23 is pre-digested 100% vegan protein that has been featured in the Physician’s Desk Reference and is comprised of specially fermented non-soy legumes. 99% of the amino acids get utilized in the small intestine within 23 minutes or less, creating bigger muscles and more power for your workouts...without the toxic load of animal protein.

What is Net Nitrogen Utilization? Net Nitrogen Utilization is Percentage of amino acids readily available for protein synthesis. Traditional proteins such as whey and animal protein's NNU is only 15-30%. Super Amino 23's NNU is 99.0%!

Great for body builders, exercise recovery, post surgery, injury, or anyone with weak digestive fire. For fitness goals, add it to a healthy diet along with the Power Shake.

"Your Decisions Today Define Your Tomorrow."

Biome Medic

Glyphosate is in 75% of all the food we eat. It is in the water, the air, and studies show it is a root cause of autism, leaky gut & cancer!

Biome Medic addresses toxicity and its effects on the human body in three essential ways – it removes glyphosate from the gut, it chelates other toxins thereby reducing C-Reactive protein and gut permeability, and it restores the integrity of gut villi.

In Double -Blind clinical trials Biome Medic showed decrease in glyphosate by 74%, a decrease in C-reactive protein (an inflammation marker) by 75%, and a reduction in gut permeability by 35%.

Biome Medic is the only product to be Certified under The Detox Project’s new Gold Standard.

Dosing: start with label dosage of 1 capsule AM and 1 capsule PM. After one week, up the dose to 2 AM and 2 PM, for about 30 days, then drop back down to recommended maintenance dose is 1 AM and 1 PM.

The average pet has 50% more glyphosate in their blood via their paws and food. Don't forget to detox your pets too. .


Power Shake VS. LOV SuperMeal Shake


  1. Delicious - Apple Berry Flavor
  2. Wonderful for diabetics
  3. Great micronutrients for long burning energy (Athletes love it!)
  4. Grains are not sprouted or fermented. This can be problematic for people who are sensitive and cause some initial bloating.
  5. Increases Adaponectin "the Skinny Hormone"

LOV SuperMeal Shake

  1. Great for athletes wanting more protein
  2. Full of Adaptogenic herbs that support stress levels, hormones balance, and libido
  3. Contains medicinal mushrooms which are known as angiogenesis inhibitors - aka reduce tumors!
  4. Helps repair leaky gut
  5. Grains are sprouted or fermented and great for people concerned about lectins or physic acid
  6. Helps with SIBO, IBS, Chrons, and digestive issues.
  7. More essential fatty acids than 12 oz of Salmon in one serving
  8. Antioxidants: 10 servings of fruit and vegetables in one serving.
Try Combining the Apple Berry Power Shake and Original LOV SuperMeal for MAXIUM nutrition


This is Botox in a Bottle! Tart cherries, especially Montmorency cherries, in concentrated form have many significant health benefits.

  1. Full of vitamins and minerals such as C, A, E, K, B3, B5, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.
  2. Montmorency Tart Cherries have one of the highest ORAC scores (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) of ANY food! With an ORAC score of 7000 (blueberries being only 600 ORAC), these tart cherries mop up and absorb free radicals that cause pre-mature aging and cellular mutation better than any other food on the planet!
  3. Tart Cherries are also a natural source of melatonin, aiding in natural sleep patterns.
  4. They are incredibly anti-inflammatory and reduce inflammation in levels comparable to pain medications. They reduce buildup of uric acid in the joints and help with muscle recovery.

The Schedule:

Follow this for 10 days: Phase 1

  1. Rise and Shine: Take 5 Super Aminos 23
  2. Wait 30 Minutes: Meditate, Read, Prepare for your day
  3. Drink a Green Shake & Take 1- Biome Medic
  4. Mid Morning ~ Flex Meal
  5. Lunch: Flex Meal ~ Eat a normal plant heavy lunch
  6. Afternoon Shake + 1-Biome Medic + 5- Super Aminos
  7. Afternoon ~ Flex Meal
  8. Plant Heavy Dinner
  9. Apothe Cherry 1 Hour Before Bed
  10. Sleep and Heal

Your Next 10 Days: Phase 2

Add in the Super Cleanse -R, 2x a day with food or a shake for the next 10 days

Next 10 Days

Return to Phase 1

Final 10 Days

Add in the Super Cleanse -R, 2x a day with food or a shake for the next 10 days


Follow the Protocol for Phase 1 as your maintenance phase

FLEX MEALS: What are they and when do I eat them?

Flex Meals

  • Flex meals are simple clean meals you eat between your shakes.
  • Ideally flex meals are plant based, Oil Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Grain Free.
  • Flex meals are personalized, about the size of your open hand, and should be eaten whenever you take your Super Aminos.
  • If you exercise, be sure to eat at least 1- 300 calorie meal for every 30 minutes of exercise, 1 hour of exercise = 600 calories meal. Reference: One medium sweet potato is about 150 calories.
  • If you're Breastfeeding make sure you have a minimum of 2500 calories per day, 120g protein, and enough flex meals to support your body making enough milk for your baby. Also add in these Purium Products for Breastfeeding: Barley Grass Juice Power and Tropic Oil.

Some Great Flex Meals

  • 1/2 Cup Quinoa with steamed Spinach, kale, or broccoli (quinoa is a seed, not a grain)
  • Hummus with 1-sliced bell pepper, celery, or cucumber
  • Serving of vegetarian soup with small salad
  • 1- hardboiled egg with 1 cup cooked broccoli, kale, or spinach
  • 1- Avocado with hemp seeds and lime
  • 1-cup Summer Squash with coconut shavings and fresh lemon
  • 1-apple with raw honey (eating apples in the morning helps you wake up!)

Flex Beverages

  • Can be added to your shake, or ingested separately
  • During cold season use flex beverages to warm up the body...but don't boil as not to destroy the live enzymes.
  • Some great ideas: Warm Vanilla Chai with almond milk, Unsweetened nut milks (read labels - no Carrageenan), Herbal Tea, Kombucha, an extra shake.
"You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don't. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.” - Rumi


"I am so filled with gratitude today. Day 10 and down 7.1 pounds so far! Feeling better each day. Almost forgot what it was like to have a clearer mind, focus, energy, and good sleep...finally. A lot more healing to do. I'm so excited!" - Grace, Washington DC

"I have lost so much FAT!" Today is day 10 and I feel amazing. I can fit into my 'skinny' jeans and still have room! So much energy, clear, and ready to take on the world. I can't believe I didn't know about this!" - Debra, Washington DC

"The cleanse was a challenge but well worth it. I lost inches and inches of pure FAT! It also rebooted my hunger switch. I went from constant hunger and emotional eating - to being in tune with when my body was actually hungry. My favorite part of the cleanse was the Tart Cherry - Apotha- Cherry. It helped me sleep better than I have in years." - Elizabeth, Virginia

"I did the 10-day Cleanse and really enjoyed the results. It was tough at first and I found I needed to eat more flex foods than recommended. It made my skin like butter! I also gave up sugar and caffeine and now I don't crave either anymore. In fact, it squelched my food cravings entirely!! Not that I won't ever have a bite of chocolate again, but it did reboot my food/eating habits so my body is happier." - Liz, Washington DC

"My son has struggled with gluten intolerance for his whole life. I decided to try the Biome Medic and after 2 months, he no longer has 'gluten belly aches.' Joe, Colorado

OPTIONS: Not Ready To Commit To 40-Days? A 10-DAY TRANSFORMATION or a CORE - 4 Nutrition Pack is a great start.

Must Have Products!

CBD 1500 - Stress Management is the key to a healthy lifestyle. CBD-1500 delivers 1500mg of Full Spectrum and Pure Isolate 100% Organic Hemp CBD to your cells in minutes! Great for stress reduction, sleep, mood regulation, and pain moderator.

Save $50 Off Your First Order Customers Use Gift Code - QuantumNutrition

Want more info on CBD, check out ECHO Connection for hundreds of third party studies.

Athlete Specific

  1. JOINT FLEX: Joint aches and pains? Joint-Flex can help increase mobility, flexibility, and restore vitality. It supports body’s response to inflammation and may stimulate the rebuilding of connective tissues
  2. CAN'T BEET THIS: Power up Athletic Performance with an organic pre-workout beetroot juice, moringa, maca, yerba matte, and medicinal mushrooms. This formula supports healthy blood sugar levels and delivers oxygen to your muscles during strenuous activity.
  3. SUPER LIFE FORMULA: Contains a variety of herb and plant extracts that have been proven to balance testosterone levels in men and women, help the human body increase muscle mass, build endurance, speed muscle recovery and increase libido.

Women Specific

  1. VIR-U-SURE: Anti-fungal, Anti-Viral Olive Leaf for cleansing Candida. 4-8/day in the beginning as a loading dose. Then gradually lower to suggested amount on bottle.
  2. BEE ENERGETIC: Adrenal Support for busy lifestyles. This formula supports healthy immune function and adrenal fatigue. Serving: 6 caps in the morning, 6 caps in the afternoon.
  3. REVIVE-IT-ALL: Brain fog? 3-6 caps per day for Neurological Support.
  4. WOMENS DEFENSE: Great formula for women over 40. With ingredients from around the world, including a special blend of mushrooms, cat’s claw, fermented soy and red clover, this formula works to support overall well-being and balance.

Deeper Detox Options

1. Cracked Cell Chlorella: The Oldest Plant on Earth!

  • Chelates heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury by pulling them out of the brain & body
  • An over abundance of metals in the body is linked to dementia, depression, infertility, anxiety, and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Detoxes the liver, cleans the vascular system, oxygenates tissue, and stops the aging process by repairing DNA/RNA.
  • Accelerates healthy cell regeneration 4x faster than normal division rates for faster exercise recovery or post surgery recovery.
  • Stimulates interferon, an immune factor that has cancer fighting abilities.

2. Fulvic Zeolite

A heavy metal magnet, drawing positively charged toxins and heavy metals out of the body.

Add these products to your shake for a Deeper Cleanse

Why do we need superfoods?

Superfoods Are Foundational Nutrition!

In today's fast paced world, we need Foundational Foods to fill the nutrient gap in our food supply. The simple fact is that food isn't what it used to be. An apple today is not nutritionally the same apple our parents ate. Even if we eat whole, organic foods, the fact is that the mineral density of our soil is lacking, and therefore, our food is deficient in nutritional value.

Unless you grow your own food, picked fresh from your own backyard, odds are that it will be missing crucial vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and life force that support homeostasis....especially if it has to travel 2 weeks to reach your belly. Every 'food mile' diminishes the potency of food. If we want to get the nutrition our body really needs, we need to look beyond our normal eating practices.

By incorporating Purium into our lifestyle, our bodies get to absorb the concentrated potency of plants and sunlight! When our cells are properly fed, we let go of excess fat, toxins, food addictions, cravings (especially sugar), and reset our metabolism.

Food Energetics


The physical body is the foundation of our all our experiences. It supports our mental systems, emotional moods, and spiritual heights. Our relationship with our body is perhaps the most intimate bond we have. And the body's most intimate relationship on the planet is with the foods we eat. The food we eat literally becomes the cellular framework of our eyes, our hearts, our brain, and our skin. Everything (food, thoughts, and emotions) we put in our body matters.

From a quantum perspective, we are energetic Beings. Although we look solid, when we look deep into the body, we find that we are really a lot of charged space and only 1% solid matter. Each of us has a specific frequency and keeping our frequency charged up is KEY to an abundant life.

When we ingest food (and water), we are not just eating 'calories,' but energy and specific frequencies of vibrational information. Some foods have higher frequencies than others, turn off epigenetic 'cancer' genes, and create long lasting upward shifts in health; while others lower frequency, turn on 'disease genes,' and cause imbalances within the cellular grid. The food we eat either signals the body to heal itself or mutate into disease. It either heightens our energetic spectrum, or lowers it. In the end, all dis-ease is just a lowering of frequency.

By incorporating only 2-shakes a day, with Super Aminos, and Biome Medic, and Apothe-Cherry, the negative triggers of our food supply can be counteracted and life-force can be restored.

And remember...we are complex Beings. It's not only food that matters but the quality of thoughts, emotional digestion, and stress management that contribute to a high (or low) frequency.



Who Are We?

Greetings! We are The Harpers and we LIVE LIFE to the fullest. We are ADVENTURE seekers and believe that NATURE is the best GURU for living an AWAKENED LIFE! We seek to educate and inspire others on how the purity of NATURE can heal the physical body and also the emotional psyche. We are passionate about urban farming, scuba diving, snow sports, travel, and seeking spiritual connection.


In early 2017, John's father was diagnosed with bone cancer. He lost the use of his legs, and as an avid gardener it was devastating. After several treatments, it became known that he was allergic to his medication. We set out to heal him with food. In March we discovered Purium, tried our 40 day transformation, and absolutely loved how we felt. We thought, "Maybe this could help Dad." We started 'Jigger' on a 40 days transformation with extra shakes, Kamut, Joint Flex, and lots of CBD oil. As of December 2018, his tumors are shrinking and he just went to New York and WALKED the big city! We are so grateful to Purium for their continued passion to grow the healthiest food supplements on the planet. We will continue to share these amazing superfoods with all those who are ready to THRIVE.

About Jenny

Jenny has been a shamanic wellness coach since 2001 and is the CEO of The Spirit Root, LLC. She specializes in Mind-Body Nutrition Counseling, Sacred Feminine Retreats, and Regression Therapy. She is dedicated to helping her clients break harmful patterns by aligning with their unique Earth purpose. She is a certified nutrition counselor, certified soul regression therapist, experienced Reiki Master and teacher, certified massage therapist, master gardener, and holds degrees in psychology, religious studies, and neuroscience.

About John

John has been involved in the film industry since 1999 and produces/directs feature films, commercials, and music videos. He is passionate about keeping his film sets positive and productive. To ensure proper nutrition on set, John shares his superfoods with the production team...and incorporates meditation into the daily routine! In his free time, he enjoys snowboarding, playing tennis, soccer, and mountain biking.

Lord Toben is our cat! He is part bengal, loud, proud, and loves to sleep, eat, and chase butterflies...even travel sometimes. We think he might be a reincarnated warlock from other dimension.

Need Support?

We'd Love To Hear From YOU! Please get in touch for a 20 minute health consultation and Start TODAY!

Also, check out our 40-Day THRIVE Program. Receive 3 - Personal Coaching Sessions with Jenny. Meal Planning Included.

Email: thespiritroot@gmail.com

"We will never again have the chance to be born into a body like this one." - Kalu Rinpoche
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Jenny Adams


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