We create workplaces that are destinations for the human interaction.

We hold a leading position in the Greek market helping our customers create a great workplace experience for their people. We offer furniture, flooring solutions and various technology, design products and services aimed to help organization enhance innovation and boost creativity.

Our comprehensive portfolio is anchored by two core brands and World Leading manufacturers, Steelcase and Interface, in the fields of Office Furniture and Commercial Flooring Solutions respectively. Together with them and also with some other reputable partners, we help our customers design spaces to help people work, learn and heal.

Our Mission is to inspire people by bringing workplaces to life.

Designing for People,Technology, and Place

The workplace is the intentional combination of five spatial zones designed to adapt and evolve over time, optimizing real estate while fostering higher levels of employee engagement.

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1. Nomadic Zone

The nomadic camp invites individuals who are transitioning throughout the day between projects and tasks. The space gives individuals everything they need to be productive with easy access to work tools that help workers manage their day.

2. Residence Zone

Designed to grow expertise and community within their discipline, the resident neighborhood supports workers who are tethered to technology and have assigned spaces.

3. Social Zone

This inviting space promotes both intentional and chance encounters with coworkers. It supports social behaviors around connecting with others to help foster a community of innovation.

4. Meeting Zone

This space is designed for deep collaboration, supporting the cycle between individual and collaborative modes throughout the duration of a project. Settings are planned purposefully to accommodate project needs over time, while promoting connection across the table or across the globe.

5. Resource Zone

This area supports the tools, culture and processes that are necessary for a productive workplace. It houses the work tools and shared materials that support all users on the floor.

Furniture Collection

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Storage Collection

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Office Task Chairs

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Lounge Seating

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Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a type of flooring that can be used as an alternative to the more commonly used broadloom carpet (rolls). They provide all the warmth and underfoot comfort you’d expect from carpet and are available in their pre-sized squares and planks, patterns, and materials.

All Interface carpet tiles are modular and are 100% carbon-neutral across their full product lifecycle.

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LVT meet Carpet

LVT and Carpet Tiles work together seamlessly – with no transition strips. This effortless meeting of hard surfaces, soft textures, endless pattern, and colour combinations allow you to create truly unique flooring designs.

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Office Case Studies

With Interface modular flooring, the design possibilities are endless. Whatever the office space, Interface has the modular flooring to suit any kind of organization and any activity.

The role of the modern designer is a delicate balance of client expectations and constricted project timelines.

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Cork Floor & Wall Collection

In a world of environmental awareness, CORKART uses cork, an environmental friendly, renewable and sustainable material to create warm, comfortable spaces.

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Moss Wall Collection

No space is too small to become a perfect garden and indeed, projecting greenery vertically also allows us to solve complicated architectural situations.

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A play of light and lines in which minimalism is key.

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Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic solutions will improve speech privacy and help reduce distraction. Download the Catalogues, here

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Accessories Solutions

Ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life.

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Help employees move, feel and think better, and engage like never before.

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