NEW BEGINNINGS Neighborworks Columbus 2018 Annual Report

2018 was an exciting year for NeighborWorks® Columbus, kicking off with the Grand Opening of our new office at 345 6th Street. (Come visit us if you haven't!) This new space has allowed us to better serve our customers, making the doors to safe, fit, affordable housing even more accessible.

446 families became homeowners in 2018!

Customers set themselves up for successful homeownership by participating in our Homebuyer education, one-on-one counseling, and Financial Fitness—a program that teaches budgeting and money management skills.

By the time our customers complete this program, they are empowered to become successful, strong, and resilient homeowners.

“I have participated in every financial fitness workshop. I am learning a lot and applying what I have learned. NeighborWorks® Columbus is making a positive impact in our lives.” -Tammy Christian

“Before (counseling) I would spend a dollar here and there; it made me realize how it adds up. It’s really helped sitting down going over spending.” -Cherelle Bennett

While we hosted monthly Financial Fitness courses in our office, we also partnered with local agencies and churches to hold sessions within the community, giving even more people a chance to learn valuable financial skills.

147 people attended Financial Fitness classes & 264 customers received one-on-one counseling and coaching services!

Not everyone is ready to buy a home, and that's why we offer quality, affordable rental properties.

34 new families moved into NeighborWorks® Columbus rental homes this year!

We also built 4 new duplexes for Seniors and Veterans, creating homes for 8 families. These income-based properties allow deserving members of our community the opportunity they may not have otherwise had to live in safe, quality, affordable housing.

Speaking of rentals, Juwan Martin was one of the first recipients of our new pilot program, HEART. Homeownership Earned and Reached Together (HEART) is a long-term lease to purchase program designed for people not ready for a conventional mortgage. This enables them to access safe, fit, affordable housing right away!

Juwan went from living in a house that caused her physical health problems to a great family home!

“It was awful just trying to breathe! I woke up with a headache every day," she said. But after just a few weeks in her new home, she noticed a huge difference in her health. "When you don’t wake up with a headache, it’s truly a breath of fresh air. The house is amazing. It’s a blessing.”

Thanks to our fabulous lending team Nonie Milner and Taylor Adams, NeighborWorks® Columbus was able to walk with our customers through the entire journey to homeownership. These two make sure our clients are getting the best interest rates and administer down-payment assistance.

We were proud to be a part of the NeighborhoodLIFT program in collaboration with Wells Fargo, & NeighborWorks® America. This program provided eligible home buyers with funds to use toward down payment and closing costs. We were part of LIFT in Atlanta in 2018 and also continued administering the 2017 Birmingham LIFT program.

We closed 2018 with 368 with loans totaling $4.5 Million!

2018 was an exciting year for our growing team! Our staff of 17 people grew this year.

Orlando Gonzalez handles all the Property Maintenance for our NeighborWorks® Columbus properties. He does an incredible job keeping up our homes and office, and he's always got a smile on his face while doing it!

Say hi to Karen Wilson, our new Property Manager. She has been such an asset to our team, providing excellent customer service to our tenants!

Gary Moseley is our new Research & Acquisitions Analyst. Before coming to NeighborWorks® Columbus, he worked for the Georgia Department of Community Affairs for 28 years. We are so excited he joined our team last year!

Lance Renfrow, our Service Line Manager of Real Estate, has rolled up his sleeves and gotten right to work. We have several exciting projects underway in 2019, and we are glad we have Lance overseeing them!

Holli Melancon came to NeighborWorks® Columbus this year to work on Resource Development and as an Administrative Assistant. She's been busy working on developing ways to better serve our fabulous donor base!

Melanie Faison, Director of Production and Program Services, was selected for the NeighborWorks® America Achieving Excellence Program conducted at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. This is an 18-month program that provides executives with the skills to advance their organizations’ performance. Each participant identifies and clearly defines a specific challenge critical to their organization’s success then spends the program addressing that challenge.


All our work is made possible by our dedicated volunteers, donors, and partners!

An extra big thanks to our 2018 Board of Directors:

  • Belva Dorsey, Chair
  • Shannon Smallman, Vice Chair
  • Justin Krieg, Past Chair
  • Brad Clements, Ex-Officio Treasurer
  • Rev. Vince Allen
  • Bonnie Anderson
  • Marilyn Denson, City Liason
  • Mike Irvin
  • Tina Lamb
  • Mary Mayrose
  • Carrie Strickland
  • Cynthia Walker-Hester
  • Mitch Watkins
  • Robert Wilson

House of Dreams Donors, $10,000 & Up

  • Bradley Turner Foundation
  • Jamie Lee
  • Mr. & Mrs. William Turner, Jr.
  • SunTrust Foundation
  • The Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley
  • Wells Fargo Foundation

Foundation Builder Donors, $5,000 & Up

  • Daughters of the United States Army
  • The Yancey Family Foundation

Roof Raiser Donors, $2,500 & Up

  • Georgia Power
  • Justin & Katie Krieg
  • Synovus

Door to Tomorrow, $1,000 & Up

  • AJK, LLC.
  • Jean Amos
  • Mary Jane Galer
  • Mrs. Richard Hallock
  • Ken Henson
  • Integrated Financial Group of Columbus, LLC.
  • Meridith & Jimmy Jarrell
  • Kinetic Credit Union
  • Sallie Martin
  • Jerry Newman
  • Abbott & Kayla Turner, III
  • Cathy Williams
  • The Jackson Burgin Foundation
  • The Wilbur H. Glenn Family Fund
  • Thorton Jordan Family Foundation

Window of Opportunity, $500 & Up

  • Vince Allen
  • Brad Clements
  • Columbus Board of Realtors
  • Belva Dorsey
  • Mellie Fountain
  • Liberty Utilities
  • Pamela Moss
  • Robinson & Grimes
  • Whitewater Realty

Green Thumb, $250 & Up

  • Verona Campbell
  • Charmaine Crabb
  • Roger Garms
  • Dr. Serena Tidwell

Steps to Homeownership

  • Bonnie Anderson
  • Joseph Bialoncik
  • Carl Brown
  • Scott & Alice Bryan
  • Jim & Nancy Buntin
  • Rebecca Cartee
  • Joanne Cavis
  • Richard & Mimi Childs
  • Robert Clare
  • Ken Coolik
  • Greg Ellington
  • Melanie Faison
  • Tim Farmer
  • Judge K. Followill
  • David Fox
  • Spencer & Cindy Garrard
  • B.S. & Linda Harp, Jr.
  • Cynthia & Harry Hester
  • Wanda Jenkins
  • Averett Johnson
  • Dr. Ron & Judy King
  • Justin & Katie Krieg
  • Sue Lucas
  • Curtis Marshall
  • Mary Mayrose
  • Holli Melancon
  • Mosaic Wealth Strategies
  • Gary Moseley
  • Amanda Ochoa
  • John & Vicky Partin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jack J. Pease, III
  • Kevin Peters
  • Lance Renfrow
  • Kathy Rosado
  • Lisa Scrivner
  • Carrie Strickland
  • Immanuel Whitaker
  • Robert Wilson
  • Stephanie Woodham
  • Margaret Zollo

In 2018, we raised $7.2 million dollars

We invested $6.5 Million in:

  • Creating 446 new homebuyers
  • Providing financial education & counseling for over 250 people
  • Providing $4.5 Million in down-payment assistance to low-income borrowers
  • Building 4 new affordable housing duplexes for seniors

Expense Allocation:

  • 89% Program Services
  • 11% Management & General
This year NeighborWorks® Columbus turns 20, and we are so excited to celebrate all these years of safe, fit, affordable housing in the community!

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