Bravo by: Alicia avalos

Living as a little girl in Mexico in 1910's was hard for Lola Alvarez Bravo. Her parents died when she was 6,and grew up with her wanting to do something besides taking photos. Like when she got made fun of for taking photos but anyways she was the first women in Mexico to be a photographer.

The first person to show her what photography is about was her husband but after awhile they got divorced. While the divorce arrangements were going on she used taking photos to support her and her son along the journey.

She was also made fun of for taking photos like anywhere because she was a girl , but laughing at her made her become a fighter, she knew one day it would stop and it did now everyone loves her art of photography.
The other things she did was photojournalism ,commercial photographer , professional portraits, political artist, and gallery curator.

Meanwhile before her parents died her parents wanted her to do something else besides being a photographer like they wanted her to start something with sewing but she chose to be a photographer and became successful.

After her long journey she died in July 31st, 1993 she was remembered for being a fighter and being the first women in Mexico to be a photographer.


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