In The Grey JAde & jada

The TV goes blank. I stand to mess with it in an attempt to fix it. My name is Grey and I completely fail when it comes to technology. We are taught at a young age how to use it and it comes naturally to us. Yet I have always struggled with it. Never have I gotten a single break. My family are geniuses with it. Maybe I should get Sage to help me with this mess. I always have in the past. Sage is older than me, and my only sibling.

I move to the backside of the TV to disconnect and connect some wires. No. I can do it myself.

I continue to investigate the issue, following the cord into the next room where all of the technology in our house meets in a mess of wires and flashing lights. It's irksome seeing the tangled mess, being that everything else in this place is perfect. The cord runs to a large box that controls a certain number of things in the house. I open the double doors and begin to panic. There are more cords and flashing lights inside this box then I remembered. But I press onward, checking cables to see if there is a--how am I supposed to fix anything? I have never been able to understand this stuff! I have no Idea where to start, and I don't want to screw up again.

I decide to get Sage because I don't want to be responsible for something else today. Sage goes to the back room while I stand by the TV. It switches on in seconds, and comes back out. "There you go. Did you even try to fix it?"

"Yes." I say. "I didn't want to mess something up again." Sage tells me "Good choice," and leaves.

I watched TV for the rest of the day and all night. Halfway through the next day I start to feel slightly groggy and decide to sleep for a while, at least try that is. I toss and turn for awhile so I set my TV to a playlist of sounds that I listen to when I can't sleep. I often wonder what everyone does all day. I wonder if they get bored just as often as I do. Or if they just stare blankly at the me.

When I wake up, I watch the schooling video for the day. I am bored. I'm tired of watching the same things all day and at night. so for the first time I decide to go in to the storage room with all the junk from the past. Here's where everything not technology was crammed. Some had been burned, but for whatever reason this stuff still remains.

I go to the door and open it cautiously; only a crack. I'm not really supposed to be in here, but what is that old crank going to do about it, and the most Sage would say is "Really? Did you really need to go in there?". Sage would silently judge me with hard grey eyes. I slowly open the door, the lights turn on and as quickly as possible I go in, and close the door. Just because I'm not afraid doesn't mean that I want to listen to them go on and on.

I go to a box, it is covered in a thin layer of dust. This Box must have been here for a long time, given the fact that this place has a giant air purifier that is constantly on. I slowly open the box. It is filled with what looks like file, I pull on out. They aren't files, they are records! There must be a record player in here somewhere.

I turn around and the first thing that catches my eye is a deflated ball. A soccer ball.

I remember being told about it when I was younger. A ball with hexagons on it. I was told about the game and how people used to play on teams, how they depended on teamwork to win, the team was everything. I kicked the ball to the side and watched it. I went to it and grabbed it. I wonder if Sage would play around with me. We haven't done anything together in a long time.

I decide to go to Sages room to try and convince Sage to kick the ball around and waste time. When I reach the door I can hear the TV, you can always hear a TV. I knock. No answer. Should go in or go to my room and try to sleep?

I knock again. Still no answer. I open the door. The room is is just as plain as mine. Except I only have a bed, Sage has a Chair and a nightstand. "Sage?" I say quietly. No answer. I walk in, and I see Sage in the chair, facing the TV. "Sage!" but no answer. What the hell? I walk up Sage shouting "Hey!" Sage is Staring at the screen, oblivious to me and what I'm saying, with a look that is just plain wrong. It's a look that says "I will believe anything you tell me." It scares me, I have never seen this look on anyone before, did our parents have this look?

Do I have this look? Does everyone get that look on their faces? It's like they are brain dead, taking in everything and absorbing nothing. Why do they Just sit watching, just doing nothing. It's almost like they are hypnotized.

"What do you want?" Sage says, startling me. "I found something that I thought we could try and play soccer."

Sage didn't even look at me while saying "No, I'm alright. I'm watching a program."

"Come on Sage, just for a little while, and than you can come ba--"

"I said no!" Sage yelled pushing me. "Jesus!" I say as I stumbled and fall back into the nightstand. "What the hell Sage?"

"Get out, I'm sick of listening to you." I stare at Sage for a moment. I run out the door, and down the stair to my room. The TV switches on. That thing doesn't miss a beat. I pace. Sage has never done that before. I've gone into Sages room before.

It wasn't that Sage pushed me it was the reason behind it. It was the obsession with the TV. Always watching, eyes always glued to that stupid screen. I wish my stupid TV would turn off, I can't stand it! I stand and walk to it, and punch with all my might.

I don't belong here! I never have! I'm an outcast. I will always be an outcast.

I need air! I burst outside and stumble to my knees. I'm blinded by the white yellow of the sun. The Sun. I thought. I haven't seen it for ages. Its warmth dances across my skin. My arms hang limp at my sides, and I grip the grass beneath me. There is a pressure beneath my nails. I close my eyes and breath deep. My mind begins to calm and my heart begins to slow.

I am struck with a realization. Someone is controlling my family, and not just mine. Whoever it is, they are controlling everyone. To what end though, what do they want?

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