Chile is the worlds southernmost country,isolated island, and longest country.
Chile is divided into three regions:lofty Andean cordillera on the east;low coastal mountains on the west; and the fertile Central Valley between.
Chile is home to the Easter Island, Andes mountains, the Atomic desert which is the driest place on Earth.
Chile is 291,933 miles squared. Chile's official language in Spanish. Currency of Chile is the Chelian Peso. 1 U.S dollar is 665.40 Chelian Peso.
10-11% of Chile's population is Indigenous groups. Chile's population is 17.95 million.
Chile's national sport is rodeo. Divorce was legalized in 2005 in Chile.Husbands and wife's have different last names.
As you can see Chile's flag is similar to Texas's flag.Chile celebrates their national day Sempetember 18-19 in memory of independance.
Pais mas largo del mundo.Mountanas hay alto.
Have calor en Chile. Chile tambien puede ser frio .
Muchos turistas visitan chile. Cada ano 6.8 million turistas visit an Chile.
Asado Es Chilean plato. Es grande buena.It is a barbecue dinner.It contains beef,pork,sausage.
Mas comùn come es hallallus. Es muy bueno.
Chile's canción superior es "me rehuso".Ha sido el número uno por más de cuatro semanas.
Poncho es un estilo tradicional chileno. Es un estilo huasa chileno.
The Chilean government currently recognizes nine indigenous groups within its borders.The Atacameño, Aymara, Colla, Diaguita, Kawashkar, Mapuche, Quechua, Rapa Nui, and Yagán people.
Atacameño people heritage is the atacameno desert.Aymara is from the Andes mountains,has its own language.Colla is mainly from Argentina,diaguita is from South America.
There are many things to do in Chile.The main thing that people do there is visit the Easter Islands.No cuesta dinero.Suele estar soleado.
Remember how I said the Atacama Desert is in Chile, that is one of the main reasons tourists visit Chile.People like to explore the hottest place on Earth. Will not need my money unless you do the tour, those run from 100-300$ it just depends.Siempre está caliente allí.Asegúrate de llevar pantalones cortos.
Valpariaso is another popular tourist site.It has amazing views and is good for people that like photography. It is also called the city of pictures.It will not cost any money.Puede que necesite su cámara.Llevar su chaqueta por la noche.
Parque Nacional Lauca is a park. It includes volcanos,lakes, and mountains.It was well known around the world.No cuesta dinero.á zapatos de tenni y un agua.
Wine Tasting in the Rapel Valley-it is the biggest wine tasting sceneries in Chile. Only 80 miles away from Santiago.El tiempo depende de la hora que vayas.Todo lo que necesitas para llevar es usted y alrededor de 5-21 $.


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