My Goals Lexy Aguilar

I want to have good grades within a year. I've had decent grades all my life but this year I'd like them to be A's and B's only. It'll also help with scholarships and college so I'm looking forward to achieve this and see what doors it opens for me now and for the future.
I want to get a job and make money within the next two years. I'd get a job now if I had the time, but it's more realistic in 2 years or so. Once I'm older I'll be able to get myself places without needing rides from my parents also, so it'll be more convenient then.
I'd like to get a scholarship to ASU in the next year. I've been in contact with him as the school had been interested in me for some years now. Although they have a new coach, that's where I'd like to continue my soccer career.
In the next 2 years I'd like to get my own car. Definitely won't be a Range Rover or anything close to that, but trying to save up enough to get me by. 2 years might be pushing it but that's what I'm shooting for.
Within a year I'd like to be healthier and eat more of the right foods. I wouldn't say a full on diet but I would like to cut out some foods for sure. As long for the most I'm eating healthy I should be fine with achieving this goal.
In about 8 years I'd like to be able to travel to Spain. I've never been out of our country before and this is where I'd like to travel to. Just to see how much different it is than here in the US. Compare our cultures.
In 6-8 years I want to be playing professional soccer. I've been playing soccer since I was 5 and it's something I'd love to pursue. If I could do this full time I know my parents could not be happier.
In the next 5 years I'd like to have another dog. I absolutely love animals in general but dogs specifically. Even more specific than that would be a corgi. That's the dog i really really really want. I've never seen one in person though. Smh
Within a year I'd like to get a haircut. I don't get haircuts too often, but i need one soon. Split ends and what not, so that is a goal of mine I need to reach pretty soon.


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