Our very own private label of Sparkling or "Bubbly" as Rory likes to call it! Cheers from Wine Ambassador!

Everyone loves a bottle of sparkling wine, If you're already a champagne aficionado try your palette on our Hudson Sparkling.


This California sparkling wine is flat-out deliciousness. That might be because it's made with 100% pinot blanc grapes in the champagne method, this award-winning bottle offers hints of lemon, apple, and fresh baked bread that will lure even the most devout champagne snobs. It offers a refreshing zip that pairs equally well with shellfish, cheese plates—even curry.


A very special Merlot filled with raspberry, green strawberry, cherry and a hint of Bordeaux style herbaceousness. The oak spice fills out the palate with notes of toasted almond, hazelnut and tobacco. Full bodied with medium tannin texture and midpalate weight.


This complex California Cabernet Sauvignon is a light garnet color nearing ruby. On the nose a brilliant perfume of candied red fruit, red roses, and black leather brace the senses. A hint of green banana melds with notes of anise and orange rind follows. Round and unctuous on the palate are a burst of black cherry, slight medicine chest and dried herbs de Provence. Fine grained tannins meet you at the finish line coupled with a dusting of freshly kneaded dough.

2018 Sauvignon Blanc - Russian River

This Sauvignon Blanc has stone fruit aromatics jumping out of the glass, filled with juicy yellow nectarine and peach. This is not a New Zealand style, more of a full bodied rich and delicious Sauvignon Blanc. Hints of sweetness on the palate with notes of vanilla and pie crust.

Our search for wine is personal. We do the tasting, and we work with the winemakers. Wine Ambassador is not a bulk wine club, this is a membership within a group of wine enthusiasts where our internal wine experts hand select every wine of every shipment, and with that comes an education from the wine maker and the best way to get the most out of every bottle.

The ability to generate personal wealth in an industry that is booming is something everyone dreams of. The Wine Ambassador wealth plan is like nothing the industry has seen and it is available to anyone who has a passion for wine or a passion for business or both. The company was founded by wealth creators and wine enthusiasts, the perfect combination for today's wine market.

There is more to a bottle of wine than the wine itself. There is its history, the people involved in making it, the land it was made on, the science of how it was blended and aged, and the right way to appreciate it. Wine is a story that draws you in to be a bigger part of it. We offer that wider role for you, the ability to truly be a Wine Ambassador.



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