Acting Three ARTICLES


Acting and showing emotions in your character. There are two types of acting improv and script acting. The differences between improv and script acting are, in improv you may not expect something, improv is not planned. In improv you don't plan things but you may talk about some small things. Script acting is in the name you read a script and act it out. You plan in script acting you plan your moves, what you say and how you say it.


Acting maybe difficult for some people, the most difficult thing is showing enough emotion personally. If you do not show enough emotion in an act it will most likely fall apart, if you follow the steps you know how to show emotion in acting. First you need to practice memorize if needed. Next you have to find connections with your realm life. An example is say you are doing a play and it was about your grandma remembering her grandchild, you would have to think about your grandma now or your past grandma and show emotion from that. Finally it is about how you say it. Say you love your grandma in it an you try and help her remember you. Those are some easy steps to help your act.

Compare and contrast

There are many similarities and differences on acting and singing, here are a few. Acting can have musicals, so acting does have singing. On the other hand singing doesn't have movement when you sing in a chorus. Also you can sing and choruses, duets and more or you can sing by yourself. This is a similarity to acting because in acting you can work with 50 people or more, or lower or you can work with another person or by yourself, working by yourself is called a monologue.


Finally another similarity between acting and singing is that in both you can perform. But on the other hand for acting you do lots and lots and lots of movement, moving is the whole point. But in singing you try not to move too much

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