Scientific Research Ryan Healy - Class 2 - May 13 - Mimicus

Characteristics of Life:

Adaptation- The inherent ability within an organism that allows it to change itself either physically or internally, through a process known as evolution, in order to better survive.

Octopus Skin Colors/How They Change

Healy Hamilton- Chief Scientist and Vice President of conservation science of NatureServe who was the co-author behind a study for the California Academy of Sciences which took a look at the Mimic Octopus and how it grows and develops.

Reproduction- The process involved in organisms producing offspring, either through asexual or sexual means.

The Life Cycle of a Mimic Octopus

Help Wanted- Babysitter: Must be able to; Be able to handle eggs with care, protect eggs from harm from natural or living threats, and be good with children with 8 arms.

Energy- What any organism needs to take in in order to survive, whether the source be from another organism, or through some other means.

Place on the Food Chain

Mark Norman- Marine Biologist of Australia's Museum Victoria who describes the the mimic octopus and its place on the food chain.

Response to Stimuli-The way in which an organism reacts, whether unconsciously or not, to making contact with an object or substance.

Mimic Octopus Colorful Camouflage- When a Mimic Octopus presses itself into any terrain or surface, it can alter the pigment and color of its own skin, allowing it to blend in with its environment.

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