Things I learned in GenYes Created by: raymond melara

I learned how to use CoSpaces; CoSpaces is an app that creates a world that you can look at through VR. This program uses coding, VR, and can be used to present things.

I learned how to use Doceri; Doceri is an app that can be used to present things and could be an alternative to using whiteboards. You can add photos and voice recordings so you can also teach people things without being there.

I learned how to use Paper 53; Paper 53 is also an app that can be used for presentations. This app is mostly made for drawing things but can also be similar to Doceri but without audio recordings.

This is a collage that I made using screenshots of drawings that I drew on Paper 53 presented on Doceri:

I learned how to use PowToon; PowToon is another presentation program but this one is only accessible through a computer. PowToon lets you create a presentation with short animations that you can create. It can also be used to teach things without being there. Here is one that I created on one of my hobbies:

I learned how to create a quiz on Kahoot; Kahoot is a program where you can have people answer questions using their phones to play at the same time and the faster you answer correctly and the more questions you get correct gives you more points. At the end of the game there is a scoreboard showing the top 5 highest scoring players.

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