Williamsburg Photo Journal Matthew Ashby BY: Jacob Silverstein


One object I saw today is a compass. It was made out of clay. It's purpose is to be able to tell direction. The people that were using it were the English. The reason for this is the English were the first ones to sail and a compass helped tell direction.

The Susan Constant is the name the ship. It carries the first people and supplies over to Jamestown. It came over in 1607 with 71 people, including the 16 crewmen and the admiral.

The tin shop helps make tin for the American army. It is imported from Britain. When the war started the British stopped importing tin to America. The tin is mined and oxygen is added to make it tin. The things that are made are kitchen supplies and ammunition. The tinsmith has a stove to help make the tin and also a hammer to mold the tin into the right shape.

I do not really know the Geddys, and I am below their social class, but I went to their house today. They have a wonderful house. They have very good taste in furniture and supplies for the house.

John's bedroom has many nice antiques. He has a lot of nice silverware. He keeps it in a case by the head of his bed. These are made by the silvrtsmith and are nice.

The thing I would love to have is the silver watch. The beauty of it shocked me and I just want it so badly. John does not wear it, the watch is so precious.

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