L.S.T. By david newbold

My utopia would be one that is safe worldwide, and one that can be the last to die (L.S.T.). That is why it belongs in Madagascar. This would be my ideal place to live because it is its own island, we can live easily, and detach ourselves from all other society, to be able to progress faster in life.Our only purpose is to survive anything that comes our way. This is the picture that would be on our seal.

In order to come to this great utopia, you need to not have any allergies to not spread it to your children in the community. You also need to sign an agreement saying that you agree to any laws and rules that are there now, or ones that could change in the future, as to prevent outlaws and gangs to appear. The last thing that you need to agree to is to make sure that if you don't have a job 6 months after your 16th birthday, the government will assign you to one that they see fit, so that people will not stop providing for the community. here are the basic rules:

  1. Always Have fun.
  2. You are required to stay in school until you are 18
  3. You are not allowed to betray the utopia
  4. Do not kill
  5. Don't go closer than 20 feet to the ledge of the shore.
  6. You need to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  7. Do not have more than 4 children at a time.
  8. You need to have work starting at the age of 16
  9. Everyone has religious freedom
  10. After you quit a job, you have 3 weeks to find another.

This all belongs in the West coast of Madagascar, as to provide for a good escape in need of leaving, we can live in the trees away from the danger of people invading, and nothing bigger than a fossa is native and dangerous. Lemurs provide for a good meat, and we can find good farmland or the fruits and veggies, and average rainfall on west Coast is 39-59 inches annually. We would be a democracy because that is better in a survival standpoint. Plus, it is a beautiful landscape, ins't too hot, isn't too cold

Day to day. it is pretty simple. First up, working is 24/7, so you can go to work as long as you do your 8 hours. It is a very flexible work schedule. School starts at 8:00, and ends at 3:00. Any sort of religious activity can be done on weekends.

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