Leyden Eagles Spotlight: Girl's Varsity Softball By: Aldo Flores, Kyle Lamphere, Jake Galanis, Parker Williams

Go Eagles!

Madison Ganir, a current Senior, is starting in her 4th years as a girls softball player at Leyden. The bond between this girl and her teammates is strong and meaningful because she loves softball and the way her team plays together.

We recently have got in the touch with this 4 year softball veteran. We asked her a couple questions about the team and how there bond has grown, and of what the experience was like, together as a team:

Q: Would you like more people come to your games or do fans make you nervous? A: Yes of course , more fans is always good. I don't think it would make us nervous, it would get us pumped up and ready to win.
Q: Does it cost to enter the Rosemont Stadium when there is a Varsity game? A: No it is free to get in. Come support us and watch us win.
Q: What is your record so far this year and what things do you want your team to improve on?A:
Go Eagles!

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