Great Depression Sydney briggs

The dust bowl helped cause The Great Depression. The Dust Bowl destroyed many homes and cars which caused people to lose a lot of money. The dust bowl also caused farmers to lose a lot of money because the drought dried all of the crops and the dust bowl wiped out their farms.

These people had lost their homes because of the banks closing, the stock markets, and the Dust Bowl which caused them to have to live outside. All of these causes of The Great Depression had made a major impact on american lives. It left many men unemployed and caused them to lose their homes.

The New Deal was designed to try and stop all that was happening because of The Great Depression. They wanted to relief the unemployed and the people who had lost their homes. They also wanted to recover the farms that had been destroyed. They also wanted to fix the financial problems.

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Sydney Briggs


Created with images by young shanahan - "Commerating the Great Depression."

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