The Divine Spark Story Alyssa Zajdel

Spacial Experience: I have been to many plays in my life so I knew exactly what to expect. I was excited to see this play and my seats were really great, I was very close. The theatre was very small so it made me feel more involved in the play.

Social Experience: I I unfortunately attended by myself but I am sure attending with my friends would have been great because shared experiences with great people lead to the good life.

Before seeing this play my cultural and intellectual understanding of 1905 era was slim. I learned the issue of child labor and knew it was a problem, but I never understood the full impact of it. On the other hand, my experience of theatre versus religion is strong because I took Theatre Appreciation last semester and we learned all about it.

Emotional Experience: I love the idea of coming clean with our conflicts. In doing this, we can experience Katharsis. In the play we see many bad things happening to Michaud and he comes from a very poor and unlucky family. Even though his life is not great, Michaud always tries to see positively and see the best in every situation in order to help out his family. Even though sometimes he makes bad mistakes, he is still trying. He was given the opportunity for Katharsis, or coming clean, in the end of the play when he admits to what actually happened with the fight with the priest at the other school. This play really made me think about all that I have done wrong with my life and the times that I have not been positive even though there are so many people who have it worse.

All in all, I really enjoyed the experience of attending The Divine. Seeing this play taught me a lot about seeking the good life and always staying positive.
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