El Día de los Reyes By Katie McCarver

El Día de los Reyes ends the Christmas festivities in Mexico on January 6th. This celebration comes from the New Testament where Melchor, Gaspar, and Balthasar went three different ways to bring gifts to Jesus. They saw him for who he is, the Son of God. The Three Kings are depicted as men with wisdom. They prove it by their understanding of Jesus's ranking. The maji followed the shining star of Bethlehem.

Mexico issued a parade to mark el Día de los Reyes. It is the longest running Hispanic parade. People all across Mexico throw giant parties to celebrate.

Rosca de Reyes is the Wreath of the Kings. It's an oval-shaped, big cake with dried fruit inside it that resembles a king's crown. Inside the cake, there is a hidden small figure of Jesus as a baby to commemorate Jesus in hiding from Herod. Over people 200,000 in Zocalo Square made a mile-long Rosca de Reyes, celebrating el Día de los Reyes.

Children send lists of what they want to the maji. They celebrate el Día de los Reyes by leaving out their shoes for the maji to fill with gifts and grass for the Majis' camels.


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