Florida Museum of Natural History The good life

Nature on Display: The butterfly exhibit outside was the most appealing to me. I found it really cool to see a lot of different colored and different sized butterflies flying around freely. In the butterfly exhibit outside there was a little area that had a grapefruit and banana peel sliced open and there were butterflies eating the fruit. I found the design of this exhibit to be appealing because there were a lot of trees and bushes for the butterflies to fly around in and it was still outside. I learned that butterflies are insects that have a natural beauty to them and some of the designs on their wings help protect them from predators. I learned how butterflies fly around freely opposed to seeing them in a small container where they cannot move around that much. I have always loved butterflies so being able to interact with them in their living area was very enjoyable to me.

Nature and Ethics: The Natural History Museum provided me with the opportunity to experience nature in the way that Leopold recommends because there was a whole exhibit on the wall that showed all the different types of butterflies around the world. I felt as if I was in those countries viewing the different types of butterflies and experience the varieties of butterflies. As I walked through the museum, I felt a sense of responsibility. I felt like I had to protect these beautiful insects from going extinct. As I walked through the museum I realized how many different types of butterflies there were. I had no idea that there were so much variety in the colors and designs of their wings. The Natural History Museum allowed visitors to connect with nature by having the outdoor exhibit where they were able to see real butterflies close up and even hold them. My experience at the museum instilled in me an ethical responsibility to nature to protect the butterflies and make sure that they do not become extinct insects.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives and experience life as if we were in many different countries. By having the different types of butterflies on the wall from many countries, it allows us to see how there are different types of insects everywhere you travel. On one of the displays, it showed one type of butterfly and all the varieties of designs on each of the wings each butterfly could have. The museum helps us understand who we are by triggering our emotions and letting us experience a whole new perspective of the world we live in. The museum helps us better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by displaying how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly and the different colors the wings of a butterfly could be. The wings could have a neon blue, brown, and many other colors.

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