Desperate Sister

To be desperate is to be

  • Distressed
  • Hopeless
  • Despairing
  • Miserable
  • Downcast
  • Overcome
  • A feeling that a situation is impossible to deal with.

Desperation is not part of God's plan for you as a single sister looking for God to settle her with a real man not a male, for we have so many male but not real men.

it is better to be married than to be single when you marry your friend but if it has not happened don't force it, if you you will pretend in pain all your life.

Signs Of Desperation

  1. When you are in courtship and you are always paying the bills at restaurant when you go out.
  2. When you begin to send your money to your male friend who has not married you yet and it has become a rountine.
  3. When you shop to drop for him as if you own a fashion shop just to kit him and make him look good.
  4. When you are gainfully employed or owned a business. But the guy has no job, or showing interest in getting one.
  5. When you are getting to the point you are willing to foot the wedding bill right from the engagement at your family house.
  6. When you are ready to get pregnant to trap him before marriage.
  7. When you are the one pushing to move in with him without him formally inviting you or paying your dowry.
  8. When you baby seat him.
  9. When you bank roll his debts.
  10. When you set up a business for him without a clear cut vision on his part.
  11. When you see every bachelor as a marriage material.
  12. When you are ready to compromise your faith to please the guy.

All these signs can only hurt you in future. What you don't work for you don't value. A visionless man is on a trip going no where. With you on that trip will end in heart brake.

Money can buy you love, but money cannot keep the love. The day he struggles to love you, remember he never worked for the love, he will replace you with actually what is exact standard.

My counsel to you is trust God and trust the process of God settling you with a real man. By serving and worshipping the Lord in spirit and truth. Let God see in that state and settle you. Eliminate the desperation so that you don't attract every trouble around in the name of I must be married.

I pray for God's divine intervention in your life and give you grace to wait. If the reason behind the late marriage in your life is the work of any form wickedness the Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace in Jesus name.

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