Isolate a ficton by oichidan | #TMoJ

Imagine a world where fiction and reality has no borders.

Imagine a world where we can interact with things that were thought to be fictitious.

Imagine a world where everything is literally possible.

Imagine all the wonders, all the excitement, and all the thrills and dangers that lies ahead.

Four years ago, an incident broke out at the celestial plane. There had been a border that draws a distinct line between reality and fiction. That border had disappeared for no apparent reason, causing imbalance on both realms. The Higher Beings decided to merge both realms into one single realm where fiction and reality are one, and that they appointed several unnamed beings as the protector.

These beings are to live and keep balance and order in the now merged realm. If they die, another protector will be chosen in their place. If they have a family, one of them will be chosen, be it his/her wife/husband, child, adopted child, etc.

For the mankind, the merging of the realms started as a group of university students found themselves trapped in a mysterious realm they named 'Khayal'. There, magic and technology made its blend after the students' unexpected arrival. A magical border was keeping distance between Khayal and their realm, or so the tales said, and if they were to return, they would have to break the magical border.

Long story short, they did. They broke the magical border, leaving them free to leave Khayal, and opening a new horizon for Khayal's native people to explore the new world that lied ahead. Unbeknownst to them that The Higher Beings were choosing the merged realms' first band of protectors, and that by destroying the border, the humans made access not to their previous realm, but to the new merged realm The Higher Beings had created.

Hi. I'm Al.

If you're reading this, first of all, I should say thank you. The following entries should have been taken from my personal diary. If you found and read this, I advise you to learn from anything happened and never make the same mistake anyone made here in your viewpoint.

I should be writing new diary entries by the time you read this. Perhaps, a continuation of regrets, or an ending of regrets.

I am an university student, studying Sociology Education in a named local community university. It wasn't the best of universities, but at least, there were no other rival education universities at the province that provided Sociology Education undergraduate program.

I studied at a class of forty-five people. Despite the crowd, I feel like I'm separated from the folks. Not that I hate them or they hate me, but I feel like I'm not among them. What they like aren't what I like, their hobbies aren't mine, many things we can't relate to each other. I feel like an outsider in my own university.

This was made worse by a folk in class, that guy, Prakarsa. After all he'd done in the past four years, he named me a traitor ever since, made it so like I'm the bad guy behind everything and had everyone hate me. I hate that guy, desperately and personally. Tough luck I couldn't resort to murder, else I'd have slit his throat open and rip his spine away.

In the end, I feel lonely.

I feel like I'm the outsider of this campus. I feel like everyone hates me. That's true.

Why couldn't I relate to anything my friends feel? Why couldn't I relate to anything they enjoy? Why couldn't I adapt to them? Why couldn't I be a part of them? Why am I different from the others?

On my way home, I met a young man by the street, looking endlessly to the city horizon from the place he was standing.

He was wearing a white striped T-shirt below a jeans shirt and a jacket on top of all. He looked rather pale white. His hair was brown, but thanks to the situation my eyes caught it as black at first.

I did not go to campus by bike today, so I used public transportation. Perhaps he was waiting for one, too. I stood beside him, trying to steal a glance of what eye color he had.

Blue. It was blue.

I simply thought he was a foreigner, be it Australian, American, or European, or basically a Caucasian. Honestly I'm an Indonesian.

After a while, he walked away.

I thought he was waiting for the public transportation to come up, but then I guess he was waiting for something else. However, the thing he dropped caught my interest.

He dropped a rather beautiful red jewel pendant.

I ducked down, picked up his pendant, and stood back, only to see the man was nowhere to be seen. He disappeared as if the wind had carried him away in the speed of light.

My room. Ah, yes. My fortress of solitude. The save haven from all the discrimination and isolation that engulfs the outside world. I have never felt safer than when I'm at home. My room welcomes me anytime, provides me with warmth, and I feel happy whenever I'm in. The company of everyone in the room is warm: the sofa, television, a gaming console, a desktop computer, a study desk, the open window and the small balcony outside, ah, basically everything.

Then I went to my room, did the chores like bathing et cetera, until I eventually stumbled in front of the window. My eyes gazed past the scenery of a beautiful small town that lied ahead me. Whenever I saw this, peace knocked and filled my heart, cooling me down after the brutal attacks of social discrimination.

Thoughts raced my head. Why did they do that? What have I done? What is wrong with me? Is there anything wrong in me? Looks? Appearance? Clothing? Fashion? Speaking style? Well look, I'm not as handsome as Prakarsa is, not as fashionable as the other boys are, or not as religious as Khobbab is. You want to know my speaking style? Well you're reading my diary, you should've guessed it at your own. Wonder why you haven't hated me by now, though.

All those thoughts were replaced when I held onto the red pendant I decided to bring back home. What is this pendant? Hey, this looks beautiful, how did someone actually craft this? Where did they get the jewel? How much is this in the market? What value does this pendant have? Intrinsic values? Meanings? A beautiful pendant of this caliber won't be made without any reasons, and that is for sure.

When I turned around...

he surprised me.

The very same man I stood along by the street this afternoon. I'm certain since his eye color and hair, as well as his looks, were the same. This time he was wearing a red T-Shirt though, and also that weird pair of googles and headphones...

I thought he was in something busy and somehow he could trace his pendant back here, and perhaps I was too drowned in my thoughts that I didn't hear him knocking so he just came in. My bad.

Holding back surprise and deeply gulping in nervousness, I asked him, "Um... Excuse me, sir, this might be yours. I apologize for taking it without permission, but as I stood up this afternoon, you were--"

"Oh, don't worry!"

His energetic answer shocked me.

"You've saved me, in fact." He replied.


He put on that bright, cheery smile to me. "I'm Norton. I actually passed away three days ago..."

"Passed away?" Was he talking about his own death that casually? Or might he be misunderstanding pass out and pass away like I did in my English course last year?

"Yes, I literally died."

And all he said in a rather casual manner. Also did he just say that he was dead? Then by all means, how could he be standing here in front of me? I thought ghosts were supposed to be semi-transparent, were they not?

"But a magician mistakenly trapped my soul in the pendant, so I didn't pass to the other world," he continued.

Alright, he now made sense. After all, what he said might be true in this merged hell-of-a-universe. Still, I regret the victory of mankind to break the inter-realm barrier back then in Khayal... If only I didn't encourage those guys...

"Excuse me, you're still there?"

"Oh, y-yes!" I jolted. "Sorry, race of thoughts. Name's Al. Nice to meet you."

"The honor is all mine." Now he changed his tone to sound rather formal-ish or castle-ish.

"Um... Well, Norton, what can I do to help?"

"Al, you look nervous, you OK?" He walked past me and looked to the horizon. He rested both of his hands to the balcony and felt calm wind breezing through his brown short hair and clothing. "Wow. Nice wind. It feels like it's been a long time since the last time I feel this good."

I watched him from his back.

Then he turned around and asked me, "What has you so troubled?"

I didn't provide him an answer. I couldn't thought of a nicer word to say, I don't know what the hell happened and I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do when a guest literally visits my room!

Even then, I guess he could read minds. Just by staring at my eyes, he simply showed a wide friendly grin and clapped his hands once.

"Well, look. That red pendant is enchanted. Since you now possess it, I can return to this world whenever you or I want to, but only you can see and interact with me," Norton explained. "I guess I'll disappear if the pendant is destroyed."

"Is that so?" I stared at the pendant again, this time rather curious. "What do you want me to do?"

Norton turned around. He didn't speak for a while. The voice of the wind accompanied his silence.

"I'm dead and that's all what matters. I don't care if I disappear from this world or not." He turned around and looked at me right in the eyes. "But I guess if you give me the chance to live again, I can... be beneficial to you in some way?"

I wasn't sure what point he was trying to make, or what he wanted from staying alive with me, or what would I lose if he disappeared. I was at loss here. I couldn't think of anything rational, let alone considerations.

"I mean look. I can read your mind. You're lost."

Then my guess was correct, he could read minds.

"Aaaand, judging from everything, I guess you're sorta lonely and everything. People sucks. They easily discriminate and judge the others without knowing anything. They berate and belittle the others as they see fit, making fun of the others for their own personal satisfaction. It's damn bad if you ask me."

I sighed. He could read everything, including my thoughts about anyone. I guess there was no use hiding anything from him, but there was no benefits in saying my doubts either. "Yeah, you're right."

He walked closer. He pat on my shoulders. He stared at me right to the eye. If Naila ever see this scene, she'd throw me a pie and write a fan-fiction of a new OTP.

"Listen. I don't care if you break the pendant now or later, but at least, let me do this. Let me help you feel less lonely, and after you're happy, feel free to break the pendant as you see fit. Alright? I don't like it when people are sad, especially those who saved me."

"Why did you think I'm your...saviour?"

"People could just step to the pendant and break it, and I'd have done for." He released the pat. "You chose to pick the pendant. Despite whatever intentions you had, you saved me, and I owe you for it."

I was at a loss of words.

"Hmm?" He tried to hasten my considering.

I thought nothing bad could happen if I say yes, and to be honest, it would also be rather ironic if I break the pendant now or just throw it away after all this. I mean look, he was grateful after I saved him, rather incidentally and not on purpose, and won't it be hurtful if I exorcise him right away in front of his eyes?

That thought alone supported this thought, that hey, if I felt lonely in the campus, I could talk to him! Yes, I don't care what people will say when they see me talking alone, but hey, they don't even care about me. They talk about me behind my back all the time, so I don't care if they add another topic to their foul talks. I don't care if they isolate me, berate me, judge me, or even bully me, they did it all the time (well except the bullying) and that's just enough.

A company to share our feelings would really be appreciated!

To show this conclusion, I gave him a nod. "It won't hurt to have company, so yeah, why not?'

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