My 3D printed boat By klara melvin

Birds eye view
Front view
Side view
Testing my boat to see if it floats (It did)
Testing how many coins my boat can hold (9)

Definition of buoyancy:

It is the wight of the water displaced by an object it is also the upward force on an object. If the density of an objects is greater than 1 g/ML the the object will not float in water .

As you can see above I added pontoons to my boat to make my boat more stable. The pontoons help because the boat now has evenly displaced weight . I added pontoons because I wanted it to be more buoyant.

My final data table

My boat had one major design issue it had a large whole in one of the pontoons. This happened because I put the whole to closes to the surface of my boat. It was a design issue but I glues it up and the boat luckily floated just fine.

Compared to other peoples boats my boat would land somewhere in the middle with design and holding capacity. I had not anticipated that my boat would turn out so small, so when it came to testing it it was not fiscally able to hold more coins.

If I was allowed to re print my boat I would then mend the whole on the pontoon and also try and make my boat larger. If it were larger then maybe it would have been able to hold more coins and would have gotten a better score when comparing with others.


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