Want to Join the Band?

Welcome! As a 6th grader your child finally has the opportunity to do what so many successful students have done before them, be part of the band! Joining the band is the best decision you or your child will ever make! For some of you, this will be your first exposure to the music education that a child receives in a band class. Do not be afraid! I will help guide you and your family through the process of joining the band! This web page has resources for you and your family to use to determine if band is for your child. Please take the time to scroll through the entire page. Click on each of the links below to find out more about band! We also have a list of frequently asked questions below! You can also email Ms. Hart directly at hartt@wcde.org.

Instrument Demonstration Video

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not sure if I want my child to do band?

Remember when your children wouldn't eat the food you made for them? You always said, "Try it before you decide you don't like it." Band is the same way. Your child should sign up for band even if you or they are unsure. If at some point you or your child decide that music is not for them, then they can drop the class. It is much easier to quit something after trying it, than to join late when everyone else has already started.

What if my child does not know anything about playing an instrument?

That is ok!!! We will teach your child everything they need to know, step by step. From how to assemble and care for the instrument to reading music, we will guide your child through the process. All that is needed from your child is an enthusiastic attitude and patient ears when your child comes home and plays their first notes!

How much time out of school is required?

Music is no different than any other curricular area. We ask that your child spend some time with their instrument each and every week. Think of it as musical homework, but MUCH more fun. They will have one after school dress rehearsal and one concert every other quarter.

What instrument should my child play?

The answer depends on a variety of things, but in the end, it is most important that they play something that they enjoy. I encourage you to click on the instrument demonstration video above to see which instruments he or she is most interested in. I will also help guide your child based on his or her musical interests, physical make-up, and instrument availability. Your child knows what they want, you know your child, and I know music. Together we will find the instrument that they will not only enjoy but will give them their best chance of musical success.

What are the costs?

The costs associated with music depend on which instrument your child chooses and if you already own an instrument. We wish funds were available for us to provide every child with an instrument, however, this is simply not possible. The school may have certain instruments available for student use. If not, you can rent a quality instrument from a local music store at a very reasonable price. If financial constraints prevent you from being able to buy or rent an instrument, please contact me and allow me to help. We will not let instrument availability or financial constraints keep your child from participating.

How do I procure an instrument?

The school provides many of the larger and more expensive instruments. We encourage students playing smaller, less expensive instruments to either rent or purchase their own instrument. More information regarding instrument availability and the process for renting or purchasing a musical instrument will be distributed as we finalize the plan for beginning band.

Can my child be in band and participate in other extracurricular activities?

ABSOLUTELY!! Band students are typically very involved students. Being a part of different activities is part of the middle school experience and we encourage it! We will have many students that play football, basketball, softball, cheer leading, or other school sports. We even have several students on the student council. Since most of our learning happens during the school day, conflicts rarely arise.


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