Middle East News Vaughn

A war between France and Algeria. Algeria was trying to gain independence so they fought for it and came out at top.

These are pictures during the war

Libya might lose control of a key oil port. Libya they can't lose control of that because it will definitely weaken their position.

These are just some of the different views of the oil port.

This is one from far away.

This is really close up one to a pipe.

Since President Hosni Mubarak was forced to step down in 2011 Egypt has faced hard times. It's first democratically president was deposed by the military.

This is president Hosni Mubarak.

Saudi Arabia Launches a girl council with no girls. They wanted to show off it's inaugural girls without any girls. They said " the women were in a separate room via video with them".

As you see there is the council but not a single girl on stage.

Morocco announced the withdrawal of it's forces from a U.N. Buffer Zone. Unfortunately there has been a standoff for months.

This is a picture of the morocco army and a beautiful moroccan sculpture.

Pakistan military has warned Donald Trump that they are falling into a total mess. They say the west is losing control and getting taken over.

This is a picture of the pakistan army patrolling.

Two Transgender died in Saudi Arabia, it is supposed to be caused by torture and also 35 other people were arrested for crossdressing.

this is just a example of how they were being arrested.

Students beg for visa to continue their research in egypt.

This is some of the pictures that have to do with Egypt

Israel gives the go ahead to try to decriminalize marijuana. This is a huge step for israel.

This is just a metaphor for the go ahead to start the process.

Rivai Kurdish battles with Iraq in the Northwest. They are fighting for land controlled by Iraq.

this is most of what Iraq controls.


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