Coraline by: neil gaiman reviewed: donye'a collins

A Simple SUMMary of coraline

Coraline interprets herself as an explorer as she spends her first weeks in her new home checking out everything she can to help the days go by. One rainy day, Coraline discovers a locked door as she explores the inside of her home.She opens it and didn't see anything but bricks. But for some reason, Coraline finds herself drawn to it. One day when her parents are both away from home, she unlocks the door and discovers that the bricks are gone. She walks through to an apartment just like hers. A woman and man who describe themselves as her other mother and other father treat her well and try to get her to stay. They go to drastic measures to ensure she does. Perfection is just an illusion behind which a ghoulish nightmare lurks. But by the time Coraline figures that out, she's in too deep. It'll take every ounce of bravery and every morsel of wit and determination she can muster to keep the fake world from swallowing up her real one.

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My Thoughts on coraline

In my opinion, Coraline beats it. She wins. That, to me, is what allows us to go there. We wanted to bring that world that Neil Gaiman wrote to life. It's a great book. "Why would I throw out what's great about it, which includes darkness, creepiness, spookiness, inventiveness?"Correction: Coraline doesn't truly win. She might escape in the end. And she might exhibit courage under fire. But she doesn't win. She's never given a valid choice between good and evil. Instead, she's slowly shown that her other parents in that other world are seriously messed up. So when Other Mother and Other Father ask to gouge her eyes out with a needle and replace them with buttons (the only way she can stay in their world), Coraline's decision isn't between reality and fantasy or even between selfishness and selflessness. Coraline is great for people who love a thriller. This book sends chills though your bones and a little humor also. I recommend reading this book as well as watching the movie after, you'd be surprised about how they capture everything wonderfully and then include even more scary events and have a great message that ties the ending together perfectly .
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What Others thOught about

"Terrifying and beautiful, believable and fantastical, this is one of the best children’s films in years and Selick’s finest — better even than The Nightmare Before Christmas."

"Gaiman is well known in the world of adult literature, but this is his first book for children, and it's a strange, surrealistic tale -- fun for kids who like their stories creepy. The black-and-white illustrations by Dave McKean are correspondingly sinister. Not everything will make sense to young readers, nor will they find the emotional heart that marks children's classics -- but they will find Coraline to be a brave character who uses her smarts to not only save herself, but also others the Other Mother trapped. Plus, the plot rolls along fairly unpredictably -- and with a few good scares. Ultimately, not awe-inspiring, but entertaining enough."


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