Avalanches By:Macie weiser

What is an Avalanche?

An avalanche is a huge chunk of snow that slides down a mountain or hill.It also could be soil and ice instead of snow.They are kinda like landslides.In an avalanche snow piles on other portions of snow which means a sudden movement can cause an avalanche.

How is it formed?

Sudden movements can cause a avalanche.Snowboarders,skiers and possibly sledders push the snow down which makes the snow heavier then gravity kicks in and causes an avalanche.

How long does it last?

An avalanche does not last that long it`s usally last`s a minute or it even could last in seconds.

How powerful can they be?

Avalanches are very powerful.They can kill people and bury a buildings.A recent avalanche buried a hotel in Italy.

Where does it happen?

Avalanches happen in Canada,British Columbia,Alberta and Yukon.The most avalanches happen in Austria,Italy,Switzerland and France.They happen on mountains.

Interesting Facts

  • It`s a myth that loud noises can cause a avalanche
  • Avalanches travel up to 60 miles to 80 miles an hour
  • They can travel down to 20 miles an hour


  • Sudden--Out of no where
  • Portions--Parts of something
  • Possibly--Maybe
  • Gravity--A thing on earth that keeps you from floating into space
  • Myth--Something that`s made up


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