Sweden has Forests that cover over 50% of Sweden, There are also around 100,000 lakes and over 24,000 islands.
This is Stockholm Palace in Sweden where Royal Palaces and Museums are open to the public.

It’s a North-Germanic language belonging to the group of Scandinavian languages. It forms, together with Danish, the Eastern Scandinavian branch of the group. Swedish is spoken today by about 9.3 million people, most of which are in Sweden, but also in Finland, Estonia and in immigrant communities. Standard Swedish is based on the Stockholm language.

The most Largest religion in Sweden is the Lutheran Christianity. Although there are many atheists in Sweden, Most of the religious people in Sweden are part of the Lutheran Christianity. The ones that have the Lutheran Christianity are usually part of the Church of Sweden.

Most of Sweden's food is usually made of meat, One dish that they are popular on is their Swedish meatballs.
Sweden's most popular sport is probably Football (Soccer), They also have championships sometimes.
Sweden is usually popular for Folk and Classical music. They don't really listen to upbeat music like in the US. Just like their music taste Sweden usually does Folk and "Classical" Dances

In Sweden people don't particularly like to stick out in glitzy fashion, they often dress very plain. To most people in the US it would e unusual to see how plain their clothing is.

Houses in Sweden can either be very alike or completely different. So basically their houses are kind of like our houses in the US.

A parliamentary democracy is a form of government where voters elect the parliament, which then forms the government. The party with the most votes picks the leader of the government. Prime ministers are grateful both to the people and the parliament.

Famous events that has happened are: in 1397 Denmark, Norway and Sweden were united in the Union of Kamar. In 1523 Gustavus Vasa was elected king and Sweden became independent. In 1709 Swedish power declined after the Battle Poltava. In 1867-1886 450,000 Swedes emigrated to the United States . In 1914-1918 Sweden was neutral in World War I.

In 1280 King Magnus Ladulås (1275–90) issued a statute authorising the establishment of a nobility and the organisation of society on the feudal model. There are a few other famous people like Gustavus Vasa.

There are not many famous people in the arts and crafts or in sports, or in authors. There are just mainly famous musicians, actors and actresses. Here are some famous people: Maud Adams, Malin Akerman, Ann-Margret,Pernilla August and Ingrid Bergman.


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