What Happened to the Originals? The Plague of Unoriginality.

Who are we?

The purpose of this project is not only to expose the insane amount of unoriginal content in Hollywood, but to show that both those in power, and the common man can use their respective influences to restore film to it’s former glory. Movies used to truly feel like pieces of art. The theater was a gallery, and every piece was different in their own beautiful way. But now with Hollywood’s latest habit of releasing countless sequels and reboots, it all seems like more like a giant money machine and nothing more. However, if the movie going audience bands together to send a message to those in a position of power in the world of movies, we could possibly bring the change we desire. By getting a large portion of the audience to support the original content that Hollywood puts out instead of the normal everyday cash grabs we see, they will have no choice but to take notice.


(Problem) A common saying in life in that “less is more”. Many would say that this saying aligns perfectly with movies. Yet, as of the past decade, the movie industry seems to have taken a different approach. Timeless film are constantly being dug up and remade. Is this because the filmmakers thought they could improve upon the source material? No. Only because they know they will be able to capitalize on the nostalgia that most fans experience when they see their favorite characters on the big screen. The same thing has happened with sequels. Sequels are meant to continue a story the in some way remains unresolved. However, Hollywood feels the need to release sequels only due to how the first installment did in the bank.


(Solutions) While this is a pretty big problem to tackle, there are certainly a number of things that can be done to fight this battle effectively. One thing is the plan for us to release a documentary on the ways that Hollywood’s new trend has negatively impacted the film industry as a whole. This film will include multiple interviews from not only those with a high amount of respect within the industry, but common everyday people with a love of film. Also, we encourage those reading this to support original film and to stay away from the constant flow of unoriginality. We also encourage those working in the industry to push for more originality in their line of work.
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