I am Mr. Miller The Wave Rider


How did I become a "wave rider." Well, it all started when I was young. I never grew up around the ocean, but every trip I took with my family seemed to end up at a beach. I fell in love.

The sand. The water. The sun. I rested. I swam. I rejuvenated.

I realized something. I am solar-powered.

The waves became my refuge, my peace, my way back home. The waves met me at the shoreline. They would draw me into the big ocean. It accepted me without any questions, without any labels, without any needs. That water, that wave was there for me and asked nothing in return. It called me. I answered the call by riding the waves.

Throughout my middle school years and high school years, I had really bad anxiety. I ended up getting an ulcer in my stomach from it. The waves made all that go away. Life became peaceful when I was in the water, in the waves.

There was just one thing: I needed a way to be with the waves more.


As I grew up and worked, earning some money, I found myself making trips to any beach I could for some time with the waves. I started finding a love for not only being in the water but for water sports as well. I picked up snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, boogie-boarding, skim-boarding, kite-surfing and different swimming strokes. I learned to be a wave rider in the big, vast ocean.

Then I came to Salt Lake City and began teaching at Northwest Middle School. I found myself leaving the school day frustrated and stressed. I ended up getting mad and yelling at some of my classes, which I hate to do. I came back the following year and told every teacher in the school, "My goal for this year is to not yell at any of my students." To make this goal happen, I had to learn to ride a different kind of wave--a wave of breath, a wave of reflection, a wave of responding, a wave of energy. If I could find a way to calm myself and ride the wave of energy, then I could get through any wave.

What the waves taught me:

1. No wave lasts forever.

2. Don't fight the wave; it will always win. Go with the flow of the wave.

3. Surrender and enjoy the ride. Why fight it when you can ride it?

4. Waves never fear the shoreline when they see their end. They just flow back into the ocean and are content with simply being water again. They accept their fate and live big.

I brought the waves into my life and my classroom. I rode the waves of my students and enjoyed the ride much more than fighting the waves.


I want to be more like the waves. I want to be able to ride all the waves of life (trials, struggles, pains, aches, celebrations, rest, etc). I want to allow myself to trust and surrender when riding the waves of life because the only thing that is constant about life is CHANGE. I want to be able to be open to whatever comes my way and find a board to surf the wave and enjoy the ride. This will help me find my true inner peace and happiness in this life. This will help me be open to what life has to offer and for me to become a better person.

When given the chance to ride or fight the waves of life,



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