Nature Activity at Florida Museum of Natural History Ravi Patel

Nature on Display

Florida Fossils and Evolution Display

The Fossils exhibits were the most appealing because the animals that they depicted may be extinct however these fossils seem to make them immortal. It captured my attention also because not only does it make the extinct Columbian Mammoth and ancient relatives of the Great White Shark immortal but it also demonstrates their massiveness. What made the exhibit appealing was also what taught me something. It taught me the shear massiveness of some of the extinct animals which make humans feel minuscule. I think I would not have been able to grasp that concept had it have been in any other medium. I found it extremely enjoyable because it made me imagine the past and how small we would have felt back then.

Nature and Ethics

Everglades Display

The museum was able to facilitate experiencing nature as Leopold recommends by appreciating the Everglades ecosystem. The display examines the biotic factors of the community ad its fragility. I felt that the Everglades was truly alive after viewing this exhibit, not just a piece of land. This exhibit made the viewers feel apart of the ecosystem because of the pictures, 3D representation and the replica behind the written exhibit. I feel an ethical responsibility to care for this ecosystem because it is fragile and on the exhibit there was a section discussing endangerment and recovery.

Nature and the Human Spirit

"What Stories Can This Midden Tell Us?" Display

This exhibit does an excellent job taking a person out of their ordinary lives because it serves as a time machine in which a person can travel back to earlier human lives as early as 2000 years ago! This helps us better understand who we are because it gives a glimpse of our ancestral past and how they survived by examining Middens which are remains. It gives a bit of mystery and majesty as well because thinking about what humans did such a long time ago is mysterious and uncovering new evidence adds and takes away from the mystery as well.

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