Andrew Carnegie. Head of carnegie steel.

Andrew Carnegie was a Robber Baron because there were poor working conditions in the factories which took a very long time to fix because the workers went on strikes and violent actions were taken to try and stop the strikes. But the violent actions weren't his fault, his assistant, Henry Frick, was the one who made the idea of bringing in the Pinkerton's. The whole reason the workers went on strike was because they were working for 9-12 hour days with minimal pay, they got maybe 5 dollars a week, and to top it all off, the working conditions were atrocious with people dying or getting hurt rather frequently. The reason Carnegie got as rich as he did was because people were building steel buildings in Chicago and Carnegie had found out about the Bessemer process which made steel in 15 minutes instead of 2 weeks.

Don't get me wrong, Andrew Carnegie did do some things he shouldn't have but he was also a good man and still is in theory. As he aged, he was the richest man in the world (around 1900-19005) and he got this idea of the gospel of wealth. The gospel of wealth was this idea that if you were rich you should give back to your society and that is exactly what Carenige did, after the Johnstown flood, he had thought he was to blame for some of it so he had decided to donate thousands of dollars to families who had lost loved ones or to people who needed money to rebuild a house. Carnegie had named a college after himself and had that college is still standing to this very day. Carnegie was so rich, his money is still around today.


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