Colors of Cronos Event Photography

My name is Mary Cronos. I am an artist and writer from our German capital Berlin. For photography, events are one of my favorite places to work: Not so much to make people pose for a good but static picture, but to catch them how they really are, when they just forgot about my presence.

Eventphotography for me means capturing feelings and emotions, not just pictures.
It means to freeze some unique memories, the atmosphere of the moment and the joy of each attendant.
focussing on emotions and atmosphere
on details, that make the event special
showing the specialty of the locations
having a feeling for unique moments
having eyes on the stage
but also on the audience
and catching the crew behind, too
trying to create a whole picture

I would love to join your Event, too.

Visit my website colors-of-cronos.de, my photos at Flickr or my Social Media Accounts in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more pictures, information and contact.

or contact me directly at: kontakt@mary-cronos.world

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