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I expect to learn how to innovate by introducing media as a platform to express yourself. My personal interests are photography and fashion as it compromises and helps to enhance each other to a new level. I personally love the adrenaline rush through my system, so I do roof topping and explore urban areas too in search for a good picture. I still see myself doing the same but with more experience and passion in the future.

Assignment 1

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animtion

Based on the classic arcade game, we did a similar concept on the classic Pacman game. We used our faces to replace the ghost that is chasing Pacman, and the jelly beans as the points Pacman consumes.

Group Photo

Assignment 2 (group)


Scene 1

Characters : Jane Cho

: Nurfarhana Mastura

: Sarah Shahidah

: Jeremy Khoo Jheng Kang

: Airil

: Hussain

Location : Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props : Camera, Bagpacks, Car

A group of us which is Jane Cho, Jeremy Khoo, Nurfarhana Mastura, Sarah Shahidah, Airil and Hussain arrived at Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur which is the long food street that attract tourist. We will show the surroundings of the area and we as a group which are the 6 of us will start to vlog while walking and be saying “ welcome guys to Jalan Alor”.

However, we will be showing the number of restaurants that they have over there at the Restaurants.

Scene 2

Characters : Jane Cho

: Nurfarhana Mastura

: Sarah Shahidah

: Jeremy Khoo Jheng Kang

: Airil

: Hussain

Location : Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props : Camera, Bagpacks

As we walk further, we as a team will start walking in further to explore on the restaurants to show which are the best top 5 best food in Jalan Alor that is a must to try. Our team have had decided on 5 restaurants which have different type of cuisine such as Restoran Wong Ah Wah, Dragon View, Mook Thai, Dina’s Kitchen and the monster ice-cream for dessert. We will introduce the number of best restaurants and each of us will be saying based on our respective restaurants that be we had chosen.

Scene 3

Characters : Hussain

Location : Restoran Mook Thai Food

Props : Camera

We choose the first restaurant to stop which is the Restoran Mook Thai Food. It is based on Thai food and Hussain will be introducing the food based on the best food they serve in that shop. Hussain will be saying “ this is the best food in Jalan Alor” please do drop by and he will be explaning more on the food. He also give further information about it thus he explain multiple food that is the main best in that restaurant. The rest of the team are sitting down listening to him and tasting the food together in order to try on new food that the rest of us never try it before.

Scene 4

Characters: -Airil



Location: Restoran Dragon View, Jalan Alor

Props: camera

As we continue exploring the food wonders of Jalan Alor, Airil leading the rest of the group, begins to introduce a new type of dish. We end up at Restoran Dragon View, which is a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant. Airil looking excited and he then introduces the specialities and famous food of the restaurant. Dishes such as Pho Noodles and Cha Gio, which means, fried spring rolls, were ordered. With a close up of him enjoying his food, some of the group members have a close up of each enjoying a traditional dish.

Scene 5

Characters: Sarah

Location: Dina's Recipe, Jalan Alor

Props: camera

Sarah approaching a stall that is featured for grilled lamb. Sarah looking impressed as she saw the lamb being roasted on a grill bar up close. A lot of smoke is being fanned out by a staff member from the lamb as it cooks. Sarah begins to join the staff member as he allows her to fan out the smoke as though she was his assistant. She then eats a ready chopped grilled lamb that also included black paper sauce all over it. Sarah looks extremely pleased on how delicious the dish was.

Scene 6

Characters: Jane

Location: Wong Ah Wah

Props: - camera

Jane begins showing another restaurant which was popular for freshly grilled chicken wings. Wong Ah Wah is a Chinese restaurant and is always listed as one of the popular locations to eat. Jane holds up two chicken wings in excitement. A close up of the chicken wings shows how juicy the chicken wings are. Jane eats the chicken wings with so much emotion as it thrilled her even more. She shows the rest of the group a thumbs up which indicates how good the chicken wings are.

Scene 7

Characters: Farhana

Location: Desserts Monster Stall

Props: Camera, handbag

Lastly, we stopped at the monster ice-cream stall and Farhana introducing the monster ice-cream. She is holding the ice cream cup and be saying “ Monster ice-cream that is made or ice but in a different kind of way” *shake around with it*.

Scene 8

Characters: -

Location: Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props: Camera, tripod, cars

It is the end of our top 5 best restaurants that we introduce in Jalan Alor. It comes with various type of food suggestion that we have gave which are thai, vietnamese, chinese, malay and desserts shop. Each of us have introduce the food based on the specific restaurants. It will shown as a time-lapse the whole process on how Jalan Alor is one of the hectic place and best place to eat.

Scene 9

Characters : Jane Cho

: Nurfarhana Mastura

: Sarah Shahidah

: Jeremy Khoo Jheng Kang

: Airil

: Hussain

Location: Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props: Go-pro Camera, Handbags, Cars, Selfie sticks

Last but not least, we as a group started to take selfies and start vlogging on our experience and how happy we are. After we are done we will dismiss back to our own separate ways.

Exercise 2 Viral Content (Anti-drug Abuse)

Drug withdrawals

Drugs are an item used by people to achieve a different level of happiness by inserting dangerous chemicals in your body. The most common drugs that are consumed by Malaysian citizens are mostly ecstasy, ketamine, crystal meth, cocaine and also marijuana. All these drugs have a similar effects on your body. The short term effects are, a perceived increase in energy levels, losing track of time, sexuality levels increased, more alert, and being in a euphoric state. Being "high" is a fun state to be in, but it only last for a short period and it harms you badly in the long run. By having too much fun, there must be some consequences to be experienced. There will be signs showing that your body is getting weaker. Hallucinations and blurred vision may happen randomly, which can cause accidents. Sweating and chills are also another sign which could lead to serious problems like high fever and fainting if it is not treated. After all these symptoms, the major ones are organ damages and loss consciousness. The few hours of fun have an exchange of these side effects. Is it worth it or not, is up to you to decide.


This anti-drug slogan is a reminder to consumers that drugs are indeed fun that is why people take it, but there are consequences you have to bare with. Is it worth it? That is entirely up to you. I split it into 5 factors on how drugs can affect you in the worst way.

Exercise 4


Description: The main purpose of the aim for this application is to sell clothing that are streets wear, hoodies, caps, phone cases and to provide a catalog on models that wear some of the clothing. This also provide coupons that provide special offers.

This app is able to provide easy shopping, easy usage and only take up a few minutes of your time to complete your payment, and also provides information that are trustworthy.


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