Tintoretto By Maya Grondin

Born: April of 1518 in Venice, Italy. Tintoretto spent most to all of his life in Venice.

Education: Some say he was an apprentice for Titian, but more likely he worked in a workshop of a lesser-known artist. Most of Tintoretto's life was dedicated to his artwork.

His Art: Tintoretto created paintings resembling idealism and realism. Many of his works present precise detail, and mixing Christianity with the Renaissance world. He created his own style inspired by Michelangelo's drawing and Titian's use of colors. Some of his works are Old Man and a Boy, Saint Jerome, and Paradise. Tintoretto often worked for very little money and had many commissions from many different people.

'Saint Nicholas of Bari' Tintoretto

Information About this Piece: Tintoretto finished this piece in 1592 and named it 'Saint Nicholas of Bari.' It's currently located in the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Saint Nicholas was a popular figure to paint and sculpt during the Renaissance because of his faith. This painting shows Saint Nicholas looking back at a dark storm in a bright red, gold, and white robe. He is holding a staff, a book, and three golden spheres on top of his book. This painting relates to realism because everything is very detailed and intricate. I chose this piece because I enjoy the heavy contrast between the Saint's robe and the dark storm behind him.

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Tintoretto, Jacopo. Saint Nicholas of Bari. 1518-1519, oil on canvas, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Austria

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