Tattoos on the Heart By Kayla Koory

Chapter 2 Dis-grace: The theme prevelant in this chapter is disgrace of ones-self, or shame. Shame is the lack of self- love and having no recognition of ones worth. A lot of homies experience disgrace because they have never been taught or told that they have value. My favorite story in this chapter, and in the whole book, was the story of Lula. The way Lula was growing up, it would be hard for anyone to not live with disgrace. However, through Homeboy Industries, he was able to recognize his worth and accept the free gift of grace form God.

Chapter 5- Slow Work: The theme of chapter 5 is slow work. Specifically, the slow work of accepting the plan of God. A lot of times we don't immediately accept what God has in store for us because it doesn't seem right to us, but eventually we need to accept the overwhelming patience of God. My favorite story in this chapter is the one about Joey. Joey's life is the definition of slow work. He spent a good portion of his life laying around and selling drugs, but when his son is about to be born, he gains some maturity and is able to get a job. Sometimes all it takes is a powerful little nudge to get over the slow work.

Chapter 9- Kinship: The theme of this chapter is Kinship. Kinship is opening your arms to someone and accepting them into your family simply because they are created by God. My favorite story of this chapter is the one about Alex, Charlie, and Felipe. They made history when they went to the White House, but many people didn't accept their kinship there. However, when Alex took the flight attendant on a tour of Homeboy Industries from the plane and it brought her to tears, it showed me that no matter how different two people are, they can still feel each other's worth and recognize their kinship.

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