Book report By: Valerie Whalen


There are lots of settings in this book and the main one is in the car. Most of the time in the car they were lisoning to Spanish or playing games


The Heffly family is not a normal bunch. One day the new magazine Mrs.Heffly got called "family frolic" was about road trips and, she decided that they were going on one.But once everyone got there stuff out of the house that they "needed" not every thing would fit in the mini van so they got ride of some stuff. Mrs. and mr. Heffly were in the frunt Rodrick and manny were in the middle and Greg was in the back with all the sute cases. That was the beginning. (This is the middle) They start the road trip and go to the fair there they won a pig and stay at these nasty motels.


There are 5 people in the Heffly family members are mom,dad,Greg, and manny and, Roderick

Problom and resolution

The problem is the berdos are trying to get revenge on Greg and there is no reselution they can just stay away.

Fav. Part

My favored part is that they can't do end thing right.

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