UeMachi's Customers Their Stories and what they mean to us

See who's in the market for Uemachi's wide range of products!
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~There are too many people in the word who are unaware of their heritage, or are interested in another country- but have no way of seeing it's popular culture. Current sites or stores exploit your hard earned money by overpricing products to a crazy extent, and they do not offer the wide range of products and services UeMachi strives for.

~By offering a low monthly fee* and obtaining our products directly from the source, our quality, prices, and dedication to good service cannot be beat.

We pride ourselves on never selling counterfeit items and always give sellers their fair share of profit- no red tape or fine lines. *Additional charge for physical products and store-bought items

News from other countries is readily available from a variety of trusted news sources

Only the most honestly sourced and self-sustainable non-perishables are sold at Uemachi

We keep you up to date on news and videos from your favorite celebrations all over the world

Get ready to have a literal world of music at your fingertips!

Track your favorite acts and performances- wherever you are

And we mean EVERYWHERE!

Watch your favorite movies and tv from all over the world online

Uemachi is a goods and entertainment service, easily accessible online or in a physical storefront. We focus on foreign popular music, movies, television, and news (all of these readily accessible with a monthly payment of $16.99), and merchandise from these popular sources, as well as goods such as dvds, non-perishable foods, clothing, and much, much more!

We strive to connect the world by making cultures previously unknown known, and we look forward to helping you!


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