I'm Isabelle Roettger and I am in Ms. Cox's B6 Prostart Class.
DREAM JOB: I want to become an Interior Designer. An Interior Designer is someone who designs a space to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and fits a persons social, personal, and cultural needs. The average annual salary for a licensed Interior Designer is $48,840.00.
DREAM VACATION: I would love to spend two months traveling the entire East Coast and ending in Florida. I would love to visit museums, local restaurants, lighthouses, and places of history. Throughout my trip I would like to stay at local Bed & Breakfast Inns; I would enjoy the pool, workout room, and the breakfast bar as part of the amenities.
SAFETY & SANITATION: This is a great example of poor sanitation because the dirty dishes and counters are perfect breeding grounds for diseases and bacteria.
APPLE CRISPS: While working on our Apple Crisp Lab we learned how to keep a sanitary kitchen and how to prepare food safely. We also learned how to make an EASY and DELICIOUS snack.
FUNNEL CAKES: In this lab we learned about different carnival and fair foods and how to make food for many people. We also learned about proper food production and how to cook safely.

Term 2

Knife Cuts

These are three of the knife cuts that I have learned: 1.) Mincing, 2.) a Rondelle, and 3.) a Batonet.

Kitchen Wishlist

I would love a kitchen aid mixer! they cost around $200 per machine and I can purchase it from almost any store such as target, macy's, and overstock .com.


WHITE BEAN AND BASIL BRUSHETTA: For this lab we used various ingredients and created a fantastic platter of hors d'oevres and experimented with taste and texture. At this time we were learning about nutrition and how to best include that in a regular diet.
PAVLOVA: For this lab we made a meringue-like treat by whipping egg whites into stiff white peaks and then adding a few ingredients. While it cooked we created a fruit topping to go with the meringue to add some of our core nutrients to the meal which we were learning about in class.
CRANBERRY AND ORANGE ZEST LOAF: In this lab we learned how to cut out sodium, fat, or sugar out of a meal. I learned that by removing certain ingredients it can change the texture as well as the baking time of the meal and that compensations should be made.

Term 3

Fruit and Vegetable Love

FRUIT: Kiwi Fruit is my absolute favorite! The delightful tangy taste and the simplicity of enjoying make it a special treat for any day! The Kiwi fruit originated in the Yangtze River Valley of northern China and in the Zhejiang Province on the coast of Eastern China. Later the seeds were brought to New Zealand by missionaries at the turn of the 21st century.
VEGETABLE: Spinach is a fantastic side or garnish to compliment any entree' or appetizer! Spinach originated in what scholars believe is ancient Persia. Soon after it was found it was brought to China and is known as the Persian Vegetable.

Looking Good!

BUSINESS DRESS: Business dress involves wearing either black, grey, or khaki slacks or skirts. A nice blouse or button up shirt can be paired with the slacks and the overall appearance is clean, crisp, and professional. Here I am with my friends at the FCCLA State competition where we dressed professionally and presented ourselves and our projects. I wore this outfit because I needed to impress my judges. I also dressed up because this was an important competition that required a respect and quality and I can best do that in my best clothes!


PIZZA: With this absolutely delectable pizza we learned how to make pizza dough, and we learned how to incorporate vegetables in any meal.
STRAWBERRY MUFFINS: These berry-licious muffins taught me how to cook with fruit. We learned that chopping the berries in different sizes for certain parts of cooking can add flavor and a delightful texture.
CINNAMON ROLLS: With this tasty treat I learned how to make a quick and easy dessert. I also learned how to cut things in rolls without damaging the dough or the design but cutting with a thread under the dough, pulling and twisting the thread through.

Term 4

Stylish Table Setting

AMERICAN TABLE SETTING: This table setting involves using several glasses, a salad fork, fish fork, a dinner fork, and many other utensils. This is a medium intensity service used for its classy appearance. The food is prepared in the kitchen and then served to the guest at the table on the plate.

Managing Stress

I manage stress by relaxing outdoors while reading, sleeping, or just being with family. Hearing the sounds of nature and feeling the breeze helps me center and rejuvenate.


Table side service: With this meal we learned how to cook at a table while having the guests input for the meal. On this day we prepared a Caesar salad and an extraordinary grilled cheese.
Latkes: For this lab we were not only embracing a cultural meal but also a different way of cooking potatoes. Latkes are Jewish fried potato cakes that are best served with green onions.
Pancakes: This lab was all about using different grains in pancakes while studying flavor, texture, and color. This was a delicious oat-grain pancake that taught my kitchen how to use a new grain for a classic breakfast dish.
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Isabelle Roettger


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