How to heal the world by pablo ojeda peñate

Recycling can be very important, because objects are reused to avoid throwing them away.

Experts say that almost all material can be reused, less some of them that can not almost.Glass,rolls of paper, cartons of juices, clothes, water bottles and other objects are all recitable.

Not all materials can be recycled at times, there are other materials that can only be recicled once or twice. Some materiales can not recicled becouse are toxic.

Like this material.

We can not recicled many plastic because are toxic.



Is the process of collecting some products that would otherwise be waste such paper, wood, plastic, etc

The first step of recycling process is to collect recyclable objects

The second step is to treat objects

And the third step is buying recycled objects.

A lot of the teenagers taday often throw plastic candy on the floor.

That way they are polluting the planet earth.But this affects not only the environment But also the living things.

Please, don't throw trash to the ground


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