Schwelm?! What are you doing there deufert&plischke?

From Berlin to Schwelm, from urban to small-town. Since a few weeks we have radically changed our surroundings, and we have done it on purpose: to continue to inweave our artistic work, social practice, family life ... and to open our work practices to the neighborhood. In the coming months we will build an open atelier here.

And after much re-arranging due to the pandemic, we are restarting our live-work in Mannheim, Moscow, Potsdam, Engelskirchen and Munich.

Spinnen (las Hilanderas)

July 2nd - 5th

Schwindelfrei Festival Mannheim

Since we started the Emergence Room project at the Museum of Modern Art (MuMoK) in Vienna 2010 we have continued to develop what we call the "open atelier".

The Installation that developed out of the Emergence Rooms was first shown at ifa gallery in Berlin in the frame of "What does it take to cross a border". For the Schwindelfrei Festival in Mannheim we invite you again to come work with us and to celebrate a decade of this artwork with us.

And we continue to spin ...!

Spinnen (Pop - Up) München

It was a wonderful experience to develop a Pop-Up performance score* with kids aged 9-11 at the Freie Schule Potsdam with Fabrik Potsdam for the Explore-Dance project. After touring some local schools in Potsdam we now join the Explore Dance Pop-Up Feature in Munich to work with a new group of kids!

* a game-like structure to build a public performance in only 4h.

Find more info about dates and times here: https://explore-dance.de/produktionen/deufertplischke-spinnen/

For the Theatrum Festival* in Moscow we are at the moment teaming up with Elizaveta Spivakovskaya preparing a new site-specific performance for a Moscow Museum. There we will work with a group of actors and singers asking the museum visitors:

What are you afraid of?

Fears will be exchanged for favorite songs and texts.

Due to the pandemic the dates are still uncertain. At the moment we prepare the event to happen at the end of July. We will post info about the place and dates in a few days on our website.

*Institute of Theatre educational Project, Golden Mask Festival and Potanin foundation

August 15th and 16th mark the start of the largest Just in Time yet!

We were invited to celebrate 30 Years Fabrik Potsdam with a Just in Time project, collecting letters to dance and favorite movements, filming portraits of artists and staff, and several Ballrooms across Brandenburg ... from August 2020 until April 2021!!!

Kick off is August 15th with a public workshop and 16th with a first Just in Time Ballroom!!!

Engelskirchen: Retrospektive Felicitas P. Berg

In Engelskirchen we joined up with a wonderful group of local artists and continue with our plan to invent female artists in order to insert them retroactively into art history. The "Retrospektive Felicitas P. Berg" will happen during the Festival Nach dem Beaufsichtigen der Maschinen  curated by Florian Malzacher in the end of September.