Final Project By Unique Gullet

This semester helped me find myself as a writer. At first I didn't even consider myself to be a writer, but after learning the true definition of what a writer is I soon realized everyone is a writer. I still have a lot of errors to fix but following the outcomes of our class I know all can be fixed and help me in the future.

critique other’s drafts and work collaboratively on a writing probleM

In the photo above Cole is explaining to Miante what is wrong with his draft and showing him how to easily fix the mistakes. He is helping him because it is a peer review day and Miante did not know where is mistakes were or how to fix them. For future actions this is teaching that when you are unsure you should ask.

We were working on our Unit 4 paper and Doug had a source with no author so we all were working together and asking Dr. Pavletic how does he cite this article or find the author. We took away from this that sometimes sources don't tell the author so the best thing to do is to find another source.

Work effectively with others to produce and/or revise written materials.

In this picture John, Savannah, and Deandre are displaying how to work effectively with others to produce and/or revise written materials. They are individually reading each other papers and writing down comments. Then they are going to come together and discuss their feedback. They do this so that all their thoughts are already written down, which saves time so that once the feedback is given it is more time to work on fixing their papers.

Doug, Cole, and I were giving each other constructive feedback so we could revise our drafts. We did this to help each other get a good grade. We learned that giving good constructive feedback can help a person to make their work even better.

Adapt to the workplace and produce a variety of written documents as required

In class we were allowed to have an open lab and was given a list of assignments that are due by the end of this week. So Matt began to adapt to the workplace and produce a variety of written documents as required.
Savannah had til the end of the semester to turn in all her rewrites, plus still finish Unit 4, and her final project. She had to do this because she never turned in a Unit paper so she had to adapt to the demanding workplace and finish all her due assignments. This taught me that you shouldn't wait last minute to do your work and just do them when they are due.

In this photo I was looking for an extra source for my Unit 4 annotated bibliography. I was looking for my scholarly Journal because we had to have four sources; A magazine/ newspaper, a book/ chapter of a book, a scholarly journal, and a website source. From this unit I learned how to use library databases to find academic journals for future classes

Keegan was in his dorm getting some more information for his research question for unit 4. He did this so he can have a lot more to say in his bibliography summary and also to help him answer the research questions. I learned from this that the more information you have the easier it is to answer a question.

edit a document for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation

In the library after conference meeting with Dr. Pavletic editing my Unit 1 paper for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation. I did this to make my paper more readable for my audience. This taught me how to fix my mistakes on my own.
hiKavion is editing is grammar mistakes for his Unit 1 paper. He is doing this so that he won't get points taken off for grammar. This taught that it is good to edit your papers.

Kyamauri is fixing her Unit 2 paper and checking her grammar errors.

analyze the writing situation, identify needed information, and locate the appropriate information for their writing

Kyamauri asked a librarian to help her find her sources, then once she gathered her sources she began to read and annotate to get the important details so she can summarize it. She needed to do this for her Unit 4 project.

analyze the writing situation and choose appropriate methods of organizing effectively produce effective written communication demonstrating appropriate use of language, sentence

Matt was getting help from Dr. Pavletic for helping trying to analyze the witting problem and see what can be done to fix it. He did this so he can understand what to do for the Unit.
organize their ideas effectively

Kavion is writing down the main points from his sources to organize his ideas effectively. He is doing this so that he can have his main ideas down so he know what to write.

state and support assertions choose words and tone of voice appropriate to a given audience improve their content and style using feedback and revision

DeAndre is doing his refelction for Unit 4 so that Dr. Pavletic can use this to know what to do and what not to do next year.
analyze and define the needs of their intended audience analyze and define the purpose of their writing analyze the context and purpose of a writing problem develop ideas and find reliable resources for their writing

DeAndre is working on his McGraw hill and I connected this to all of these outcomes because McGraw hill is a great resource. It has helped us a lot with our papers taught us word choice, grammar, how to not be biased, draft and generate ideas so that we don't become stuck when we start our drafts. This taught me that when I need help McGraw is a great resource to resort to.

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