Superfood Powerhouse the misconception of a healthy lifestyle

We live in a world of misconception and social trends combined with an insane amount of information at our finger tips. Information swinging us from one side to another like a pendulum; opinionated accusations, comments and heart felt messages from all walks of life. Where do we begin, where do we end? Where do we keep our insanity while we keep true to our own bodies?

What is a healthy lifestyle? What is a 'Superfood'?

I place forward these simple questions to you, have you ever taken a step back from reality to observe what this truly means to you? In a day and age where health trends fire in different directions uncontrollably we become lost, uncentered and disconnected to what our body is asking for.

I know personally I'm on a health rollercoaster, finding out the best foods that are going to fuel my body, but it is the importance of listening to my body that creates the change. How do I feel? Does this work for me? For example smoothies are a great breakfast option for most, however for myself I cannot digest cold liquid filled foods in the morning, it sits in my tummy and I'm starving within an hour. Do you ever experience this? I've learnt my body thrives on warming, dense foods. Oats, Quinoa, porridge are some great slow realising nutrient dense foods that fuel my body and keep my tummy happy throughout the day.

You can add all the 'superfoods' in the world into your diet, but if you don't understand the reaction within your body you'll never see a change.

Superfoods; Chia seeds, activated charcoal, nut butters, leafy greens, goji berries... Oooh ACAI bowls... All these super powerful ingredients are incredible sources for our body. Yes, a chia seed is a great source of protein, good fats and keeps you fuller for longer however if your body does not agree with it then all it's wonderful properties are going to be rejected by your body. Superfoods are an essential part to our vitality, however understanding how to use them and when; is lost in the tracks. We can become caught up in adding every superfood under the sun into one shake, what really happens? Are they going to counteract one another? Do we truly understand the effective power of these superfoods?

Effective, healthy, energised and happy bodies are a world wide goal; we all want that perfect figure, that super clean diet or to try the latest trend. But we forget that life happens, we're not all perfect! Overwhelming ourselves all at once results in a lapse in our Health. It is about sustainable change, healthy lifestyles while continuing through trial and error. Add that superfood in, trial that new trend, fuel your body and ask.. Does this work for me? Will this create change in my body? In my life? Is this practical and sustainable with what I am trying to achieve right now?

I challenge you to begin small, start one step at a time. Because lets face it an extra glass of water each day could be the most powerful superfood your body needs!

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Ashleigh Maisey

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