Dora Whitaker president, Whitaker Entertainment


Dora Whitaker has over 25 years of entertainment industry experience as a producer, manager, casting associate and packaging agent. As President and CEO of Whitaker Entertainment, a talent management and Production Company she specializes in the management of actors, directors, writers and producers for feature films, television and commercials. She has several years of hands on experience in packaging and production in features and television shows.

After many years as a SAG-franchised agent, she and her partner became Whitaker Entertainment, a management/production company. Her focus is to provide and produce quality entertainment, which has been a key factor to her success and reputation throughout the industry. As president and producer, her considerable experience has been used to create an impressive production slate, manage top industry talent, negotiate with distributors, and plan future strategies for Whitaker Entertainment. As a manager, Ms. Whitaker has negotiated series regular deals with ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, UPN, TNT, HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, MTV,FX and Warner Brothers. She has also negotiated major film deals with all of the major film studios. As a packaging agent and producer, Dora was responsible for packaging and producing Showtime’s animated series, “Free For All”.

Ms. Whitaker has been instrumental in discovering and developing talent who have appeared regularly on Emmy nominated television shows and other network series such as; Silicon Valley, Grey’s Anatomy, Code Black, Angie Tribeca, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, The Last Ship, The Walking Dead, No Tomorrow, Granite Flats, House of Lies, The Closer, Weeds, The Mentalist, Desperate Housewives, The Shield, Ghost Whisperer, CSI and CSI: Miami, CSI NY, CSI:LA, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Price is Right, Seinfeld, General Hospital, E.R., NYPD Blue, Everyone Loves Raymond, As the World Turns, Friends, Frasier and Days of our Lives are just some of the top series her talents have worked on. Her clients have starred or co-starred in feature films such as, Tim Burton’s “Big Fish”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “We Were Soldiers”, “Austin Powers”, “The Patient”, “Wild, Wild West”, “Serendipity”, “Windtalkers”, “Mortal Combat II”, “Men In Black I & II”, “The Pledge”, “Gladiator”, “Legally Blonde 1 & 2” and “Stuart Little I & II”, “Date Night”, “The Fighter”, “The Grey”, etc…just to name a few.

As a conscientious manager, Ms. Whitaker has developed marketing and publicity campaigns for several of her clients. She helped to conceive and develop a line of soups for her Emmy-nominated client for his role as the famous “Soup Nazi” on “Seinfeld”. Also, while representing one of the “The Price is Right” beauties, she conceived an idea to create and implement a marketing and distribution plan for various merchandise associated with “The Price is Right” game show, on QVC, as well as conceiving the idea to branch out from just the television series to create “The Price is Right” Las Vegas show at Bally’s and Ceasar’s Palace. Ms. Whitaker is also a film creator and venture capitalist, The Extra, a romantic comedy and The Great Outdoorsman, also a comedy, is in development with top Hollywood producers.

Whitaker and her partners were hired as the Los Angeles casting directors in the multi-million dollar budgeted film for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints entitled, “The New Testament”. She also recently cast the indie series, “Let’s Fall Out” inspired by the video game, “Fallout 4”, as well as cast the new hosts for the digital news platform for Gamer World News Network of which she is a VP. She is not only the VP of Gamer World News Entertainment but helped to create and launch the global eSports and gamer News network in April of 2018, which since its launch has become the #1 eSports and Video Game news and information correspondent to Fox Business News, Varney & Company.

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