The 6 Components of Ancient Greece Made by Santiago Perez Gomez. Social Studies first period

A feature of Greece is that it is a peninsula. The reason of this is because it has water surrounding it in 3 sides. Many of the Greek cities were located near the sea. They became sailors, fishermen, and traders. In other areas, the climate was mild and other people who lived there could grow wheat, barley, olives and grapes. They also raised sheep and goats. The importance of the locations of some cities near the ocean, or in the mountains, is that they could survive because they had the resources they needed. In the ocean areas, Greek cities could have easy access to trade by boats.

The form of government that Greece had was different from Mesopotamia and Egypt. The Greek citizenship is that only Greek citizens had the right to vote. However, women were considered citizens. But they didn't have the right to vote. Some of the rights that the Greek citizens had were that they would gather in an agora to choose the officials and pass the laws. They also had the right to vote, hold office, own property and to defend themselves in court. That is why they were different from other civilizations.

Greece had many styles of art. They had poetry, fables, epics, architecture, and their own language. Fables are stories that have a moral at the end. Like the tortoise and the hare. An epic is a long poem about heroic actions. Homer was a person who wrote some epics in 700 bc. Some of the epics were based on Greek battles on Troy. their architecture was amazing. They have built many temples for their gods and goddesses. They first have pillars made out of wood but now they used marble.The impact that this had on Greece is that they had amazing architecture and even they had their own ideas. Alexander the great and his army spread the Greek ideas wherever he went

Direct democracy is when citizens have the ability to choose laws and policies. The advantage of tit is that many people will choose that can benefit everyone. The disadvantage of it is that many people might choose a bad law and policy that can cause disagreements in the country. An example of a countries that uses direct democracy is Switzerland. Representative democracy is in which people vote for someone to represent the country. The advantage is that the ruler can be a good person and make good laws. The disadvantage is that the person can make a bad decision and cause public disagreement. Tyranny is when one person hold power. The advantage of this is that the person MIGHT make a smart choice. The disadvantage is that he will make a bad choice and cause many rebellions. An example of who uses this is Syria. An oligarchy is when few people hold power. The advantage is that they rulers can have more ideas because they have more people that just one. The disadvantage of it is that they would cause a disagreement and cause the empire to fail. Ancient Greece used this type of government.

In Greece, many people beloved in ,any gods and goddesses. They also believed in mount Olympus. This area was were 12 important gods and goddesses ruled. The names among the 12 were Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Apollo, Ares, Aphrodite, and Demeter. As a result, the Greeks have built many statues and temples in order to honor them. They even left gifts for the gods and goddesses.

The Greek alphabet has 24 letters and they had many different sounds. This system made Greek reading and writing much easier. The people from Greece started to use that form of writing in writing stories that have been passed for generations. Here is a system in Greek: Γεια σου, το όνομά μου είναι Σαντιάγκο. The sentence means: Hi, my name is Santiago.


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