Carving by: Kaia m.

I got this idea because this is my favorite emoji. I wanted to show the tongue sticking out, so I colored it in. To find inspiration, I searched up emojis because I had a few favorites and I thought this emoji would be cool to carve.

I traced the lines carefully for the eyes so they would look symmetrical. The mouth was kind of hard to carve because it was kind of thin and it was smiling. At first my idea was to not color anything in, but I changed it to filling in the eyes and mouth so they kind of "pop" out.

To get my picture into Easel, I saved my picture to be jpeg. Then I dragged the image to where you're supposed to put it. I had to move my design around so that it fits inside. I moved the emoji upwards and made it a bit smaller and I moved my name up so that it carves instead of being blocked by the re thing.

The machine works by following the "code" of what you put into easel.inventables. I had to change the bit size 1/16th the material to Two-Color HDPE so you could pick what color you want for the block. I had to change the material dimensions to 6 inches for X, 6 inches for Y, and 0.25 inches for Z. I had to tighten the bolts on the block do the block doesn't move while it's carving.

I was surprised when the machine started to work easily and just cut into the plastic. It was also unexpected when the machine cut deeper into the eyes and mouth, when I thought it wouldn't go that deep.

My carving turned out the way I wanted the second time, because the first time, the bit went too close to the thing that was holding the plastic block. Im really proud of how the eyes turned out symmetrical and the mouth with the tongue sticking out turned pretty good. One of the interesting parts was probably when the machine started to carve, that was kind of a new experience for me. What was difficult was choosing what to carve and tracing it. Overall, this project was pretty fun.

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