Big Snow Storm Brings in the Christmas Spirt In Unusual Holiday Season By: Tyler Chenevert

With COVID-19 cases rising in Massachusetts, many individuals have been forced to stay inside this holiday season. This makes for less than joyful holidays. But thanks to the new snowstorm the Northeast got on December 17th the holidays are white once again. Snow for many people means the holidays, especially Christmas for many people. People were all stuck inside today due to the storm making today feel like a typical winter day in Mass. Plows and snow blowers filled the streets and air with snowflakes falling for most of the day. After the shoveling, people would return to their warm decorated houses for some hot cocoa and sitting by the fire. Making this day one of the few days in 2020 that seems normal.

My brother goes out to shovel in the aftermath of the storm. Photo credit Tyler Chenevert '22
The white snows covers our cars, trapping us inside for the day. Photo credit Tyler Chenevert '22
The backyard of the house looks like a winter wonderland, with all the trees covered in white snow. Photo credit Tyler Chenevert '22

From the ground view, the snow looks so peaceful and quiet during sun rise. Photo credit Tyler Chenevert '22

Back inside the house, Christmas time is a ringing. Photo credit Tyler Chenevert '22
The Christmas tree is decorated in preparation for the holiday coming up. Photo credit Tyler Chenevert '22

The stockings are set for the unusal Christmas time.Photo credit Tyler Chenevert '22

The decorations are all set for the holiday season thanks to the snow storm. Photo credit Tyler Chenevert '22


Tyler Chenevert '22