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Globalization—Making the world stronger or weaker? 6/8/17

Globalization is something that makes the world stronger. Globalization is the movement and flow of people, money, ideas, goods, and information traveling freely across borders. This makes the world stronger because it brings people and countries together. For example, just the making of one product causes people from many different places and nations to work together. In addition, when wealthy countries set up factories in poorer countries, it creates more jobs, benefiting both the new employees, and the business owners. This all results in the standard of living improving for these people. Globalization is a good thing because it brings people together, and opens up job opportunities that benefit more people.

Climbing the World’s tallest mountain-Is it worth the risk?

Climbing Mt. Everest through dangerous conditions is not worth the risk. Although being at the top of the world would be a great accomplishment, 4 people out of 100 people are killed from the brutal conditions of the mountain. These brutal conditions include hypothermia, frostbite, natural disasters, avalanches, etc. In addition, in 2015, there was an earthquake in Nepal setting up an avalanche that resulted in 16 sherpas and three Americans lost. Furthermore, before climbing, the climber has to go through lots of training. Going through all of the work and dedication for one climb, where you might not make it back, or even to the top of the giant rock would be too much, certainly not worth it.

Climbing Mt. Everest requires careful timing. If climbers try to make the trek at the wrong time of day, they could find melting ice, which they shouldn't climb in. Next, there is the risk of avalanche. If the climbers get in the way of an avalanche, it may result in fatality. Lastly, there are steep ridges and cliffs to get over. One wrong step on a ladder bridge could leave the climber on Mt. Everest for much longer than planned.

Bucket list

Q & A

5/8/17 How mught having a valuable natural resource affect a country?

Having a valuable natural resource may benefit a country. The benefits may come in many different ways. For example, some countries have many resources that they can export to other countries. Exporting resources may benefit a country because they will have more income. For example, some countries in the region of Southwest Asia, like Saudi Arabia have lots of oil. Since we use oil so much in our everyday life, those countries who have lots of oil export a lot making them richer. This extra income could result in better health care and the life expectancy rate going up, making the infant mortality rate go down. Having a valuable natural resource can also help a country by creating more jobs. To get to the resource, there is often a process that we have to go through to get it. For example, to get oil, it has to be drilled from the ground, and after that has to be refined. This creates the opportunity for many more people to have jobs. For reasons like the ones above, having a valuable natural resource may help or benefit a country in many ways.

This is an oil refinery which requires workers to work at each day.

4/11/17- How do people adapt to living in a desert environment?

Citizens of the Sahara and Sahel have to adapt to living in a desert region in many different ways. One example of this is wearing long, loose clothing. In the desert, the sun gives off harmful rays. People there have to wear long, loose clothing to protect their skin as they walk across the dry earth covered in ergs, regs, and hammadas. Another way the residents of the Sahara and Sahel have adapted to living in the desert is living at an oasis. There is often drought in desert regions. People live near an oasis so that they can be near a good water source so they can farm and gather drinking water for themselves and their animals. Living in the desert region is not an easy thing to do. People have to adapt in many ways so they can survive in this harsh environment.

An oasis like this may be a place where a person would settle.

3/6/17 What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

Many centripetal forces help countries and nations in a supranational cooperation. One example of a centripetal force is having a common market. With a common market, people can travel freely across borders, and goods can be easily transported. Another centripetal force is having a trading bloc among all of the included nations. Having a trading bloc among the EU gives more power to countries because they are together, and by sharing all that power, they have more united than they would have as individuals. These are just some of the many centripetal forces that help the EU and all of its nations.

The countries united and gained centripetal forces to become the EU.

Essential Question: What are the differences between limited and unlimited forms of government? 2/7/17

Limited and Unlimited forms of government are different because of the restrictions there are on citizens and leaders. A form of limited government puts leaders in less power than an unlimited government. For example, democracy is a form of limited government. It gives a leader power, but also gives citizens a say, and a right to vote. However, an unlimited government can take away a citizen's say and rights. For example, dictatorship is a form of unlimited government. The leader, or dictator has all power. This gives them a way to take those rights from the citizens. While limited and unlimited governments are both very effective forms of government, they also have many differences.

In a limited government, people get to vote for their leaders.

What does a good citizen look like? 2/1/17

A good citizen takes advantage of their rights, but also follows their responsibilities. For example, Ted, in Ted's big day was asked to help stand up for kids voting rights. That was taking advantage of his right to speak his mind. An example of keeping up with your responsibilities was when Ted had to had to turn off the tv after an hour. His grandma gave him that responsibility because as Ted's guardian, she had the authority to. Being a good citizen means they are taking advantage of their rights, as well as keeping up with their responsibilities.

Good citizens make this construction possible because they go to work each day doing their responsibilities.


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